Spy Cameras

Discreet and unobtrusive security cameras which blend in with the surroundings. Our research has all the options covered.

Baby Monitors

Need a baby monitor to keep your little one safe when you are not around? Read our reviews of all the top products on the market and decide which works best for you.

Simulated Dummy Cameras

Is it real or just for show? Only you will know, leaving your property safe and secure from unwelcome intruders. Take a look at our reviews and decide which package is right for you.

Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

Remote directional and zoom control, PTZ technology at your fingertips. Our robo smart home system reviews make it easy for you to choose.

Network WIFI IP Cameras

WiFi Camera operated residential security with access to your local area network (outdoor wifi cameras). Compare models and see what will work to make your home safe and secure with Wireless IP Security Cameras feature.

High Definition Cameras

Use high definition ( 1080p video )  for a clear picture of what is going on in and around your home. See our reviews on a range of effective and affordable high definition 1080p hd surveillance cameras.

Bullet Cameras

Shaped like a bullet and shoots with precision. We review bullet cameras to help you make an informed choice.

Dome Cameras

Dome camera shaped home security for tactical and effective surveillance inside the home. We research the options to help make your choice easier.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

We review a whole host of options, with a range of models spanning all levels of economy and efficiency. Find the appliance that is right for your requirements.

Buyers Guide for Cameras

Big camera or small camera? More precisely, are you the proud owner of a vast country pile or a complex of offices or warehouses which are vulnerable to being intruded upon from any direction, or are you a modest homeowner who wishes to discreetly protect their property without creating a daunting and unwelcoming vista of visible gadgets in every corner?

In either case you will want your property to be secure, protected from uninvited and unwelcome intruders. But the apparatus you install will be dependent upon whether you wish to announce the defences at your disposal with a fanfare of trumpets, or to position them inconspicuously and with the minimum of fuss. The security industry provides options aplenty for both scenarios, and for pretty much anything in-between.

Large industrial premises, like country estates, will often plump for the prior warning. Deterring intruders is so much simpler than apprehending them post-incursion. Unambiguous warning signs accompanied by high-visibility machines dotted liberally around strategic locations usually does the trick. Proprietors of more modest dwellings, along with small shops and businesses, may be more concerned to ensure that anybody trespassing on the premises with malign intent can be quickly identified and apprehended. There is no right or wrong way to approach this. It is a case of horses for courses.

In the modern technological age small does not have to mean basic. There are many devices on the market which boast a surprising array of attributes despite being modest in substance and economical to purchase and to install. Tiny appliances with a lens the size of a small coin can lurk unnoticed by intruders yet yield surprisingly vivid footage. Motion detection sensors and night vision capability are common features of most modern security systems, even at the economy end of the market. And it’s not just about intruders – baby monitors are an excellent if inexpensive means of keeping a watchful eye on your little ones when you are physically apart from them.

When purchasing monitoring equipment it is always best to approach the matter by first deciding the extent and visibility of the device you require, as well as of course its cost. Options now are so diverse that there is always something available for every situation, not to mention for every budget.

Interrogating the web will provide a useful buying guide for cameras within your budget. Take a look and see for yourself what is available.

Security Cameras

There is little in this world that is more important than defending your residence or your workplace. Whether your concern is with your personal safety and that of your loved ones, or with protecting your property from loss or damage, the sanctity of what is yours is paramount. Without security we have no peace of mind, no confidence that that which we have worked hard to achieve will not be violated or taken away from us. We are able to function properly only in the knowledge that we are as safe and secure in our environment as is reasonably possible.

Man has always taken steps to ensure his safety and self-protection. We lock things away, bolt doors, even keep a dog. But rapid progress in the field of affordable technology has also enabled us to invest in ever-more sophisticated hardware and devices of a kind of which most of us could only have dreamed of until relatively recently (smart locks).

Essentially the effectiveness of residential and business security cameras boils down to two entirely separate aspects of the same operation – deterrence and capture. Thus whereas the ideal scenario is for potential intruders to be deterred from entering a premises because they are aware that it is protected by at least one surveillance camera, it is equally important that those who are not deterred by the presence of monitors or recorders can be apprehended, both so they can be relieved of their ill-gotten gains and appropriately punished but also as a deterrent to potential future intruders.

Because deterrence and capture are two different tenets of the operation, sometimes the approach taken will differ depending upon which of the two is the greater priority. Large, conspicuous units – sometimes operational, sometimes mere dummies installed only for effect – will deter most would-be trespassers in the same way as would a sign reading “Beware of the Dog!” and featuring a menacing photo of an angry rottweiler. But for the more determined invader who is not deterred, a hidden surveillance camera systems which will allow him or her to be identified – either whilst in the act or at a later stage – is often just the trick.

Even the cheaper models in this day and age can identify suspects with amazing clarity, unlike the indeterminate blurred and grainy black and white images of barely a generation ago. The best domestic equipment produces results which are akin to watching a film at the big screen at the local cinema, providing reassurance to private residents and business owners who wish to keep their belongings and their loved ones safe.

Surveillance Camera

This can be a device of any size or sophistication but is generally considered as being a covert item designed to record unusual or targetted activity in a low-profile or sometimes furtive way. Concealed in an inconspicuous manner, they permit the person under scrutiny to “act naturally”, which can mean making costly mistakes which, where necessary, might lead to identification and even arrest.

Whilst many shops and companies may warn of the presence of CCTV, they are often reluctant to share information about the extent or precise location of it. It can of course range from one solitary unit to a whole system which is capable of recording an individual’s every move no matter whereabouts on the premises he or she may be.

As well as performing their traditional role of deterring and/or recording intruders who illegally enter a property with intent to steal, to attack or to cause serious damage, sometimes this kind of residential device can be employed in a more benign way. For instance, it can be used to solve mysteries about which wild animal or even neighbour’s pet is eating the goldfish from your pond, or digging up the lawn. It can be used to resolve riddles about moving objects or unexplained events within or outside the home network. In some cases, of course, it is used by one partner within a relationship to spy on another, or to monitor the actions of a domestic employee. The potential reasons for employing covert surveillance apparatus are legion, but the impact is the same. If you need information then gathering it, in glorious detail, is what it does.

Just as the problem under investigation can be a small one, so too of course can the outdoor security camera itself ( wireless outdoor home security camera ). A surveillance device can literally be the size or a small coin, and no more conspicuous, making it almost impossible to spot unless it is being actively searched for. It can be hidden in a fitting or within a natural setting such as an ornament or a piece of furniture, making accidental detection extremely improbable,perfect for Outdoor Surveillance, check our smart security wireless camera.

Whilst traditionally footage captured by a such a machine might be retained for future viewing, modern technology provides for an interesting range of further options. For example with some models it is possible to stream live footage directly to a laptop, tablet or mobile phone for real time viewing angle, possible at another location. Thus even when an owner is away from home, maybe on holiday, or absent from the office, it is still entirely possible to monitor unusual or unplanned-for activity at the location in question.

The possibilities created by this technology are almost endless, and its existence means that potential intruders today will be aware that when they trespass uninvited upon somebody else’s property there is a very good chance that they will be caught on film – to coin an outdated term – and that consequences are likely to follow.

Home Security Camera System

Having a domestic detection system in your home can make all the difference, bringing you peace of mind and keeping you and your loved ones safe from intruders, and free from the fear that your property might be violated by the unwelcome attentions of unauthorised persons.

Returning to a house which has been violated by an intruder can be a harrowing and most traumatic experience. Even if nothing has been taken, the thought of a stranger breaking in and entering uninvited can be damaging psychologically. This is even more the case when burglars, as they sometimes do, ransack furniture and leave a mess in the their quest to discover hidden valuables, or even sometimes for kicks. Keeping your property safe and as impenetrable as is reasonably possible can be about much more than preventing theft – it can mean avoiding the emotional heartbreak of having the house entered and plundered against your will.

Home security system know-how has advanced exponentially in recent years, meaning that there are systems out there to suit the requirements – and the budget – of every user. Read the smart home system reviews that are freely available across the web and make an informed decision as to what works best for you.

Cameras can be small or large, discreet or ostentatious, depending entirely upon your wont. Whilst a prominent and showy display is likely to deter most potential interlopers, a smaller and more subtle home monitoring system will record any unscheduled visitations to your property and hopefully identify those responsible.

Whether your intention is to invest in one of the best home surveillance cameras or even one of the relatively cheaper models that are on the market today, the resolution and picture quality that is available defies any comparison with the output typically associated with the machines of even the recent past. Perfect image quality renders identification and convictions far more likely, thus further reducing the likelihood of an intruder violating your privacy indoor security system.

Security Monitors and Recorders

For those who have no need of a system which transmits footage in real time to a laptop or mobile phone at a different location, monitors and recorders provide a very economical means of recording events for later analysis and interrogation. A slightly older version of the hardware which is more commonly in usage, the cost-effectiveness of this system allows users to install recording equipment more liberally even on a limited budget.

In this instance activity is recorded onto a computer or other monitoring device, and studied at a later point upon playback. It is a particularly good option for deterrence or for any high-visibility detection operation.

Recorded videos footage is the type still most commonly used by police to identify criminals of any kind, and it is of course used frequently in cases of burglary or breaking and entering. Simple trespass of course is not a criminal offence, but with your own footage of a person intruding onto your property you would where necessary or appropriate be able to instigate a civil action even in the event of nothing having been damaged or stolen.

Information gathered by security monitors and recorders can usually be stored ( local storage , or microsd card / sd card, cloud storage ) for a certain number of days or weeks before it is automatically overridden. In most everyday situations this would provide more than enough time for a crime to be discovered and investigated for evidence.

Some dwellings and businesses take economy even further and install dummy devices, which of course is simply the shell of a piece of apparatus without any functional equipment inside. The potential intruder has no way of knowing whether any or all of the security cameras clearly on display are operational and will usually fear the worst and err upon the side of caution. It is commonplace amongst company owners to possess a mixture of operational and dummy devices, delivering both economy and, if needs be, a valuable source of hard evidence – truly the best of both worlds.

Ideally, though, having a system which records information is preferable if your budget stretches that far. There is always the possibility that an intruder may be so brazen, or so desperate, that he or she will ignore the presence of your cameras and simply decide to enter the property regardless. When this happens it is all the more important that they can be identified and brought to justice.

Cheap Security Cameras

Like much in the world of technological science and gadgets, security systems have ceased to be an exclusive plaything of the idle rich and have moved within the spending range of many ordinary, everyday people with a home or an enterprise to protect. Good quality operational devices can be purchased for a small fraction of the price that vastly inferior models once commanded, dummy cases obviously for even less. Industrial and residential defence systems are now the norm rather than a luxury, and have compromised the earning potential of burglars, trespassers and other assorted wrongdoers and ne’er-do-wells in a very profound way.

Needless to say the general principle that more money buys better quality and more sophistication still pertains to this kind of merchandise as much as it does to anything else. Nevertheless, the difference in the quality of footage produced even by hardware at the lower end of the range in today’s market and those generated by far more expensive, and cumbersome, models just a few years back is quite astonishing. No more the blurred, hazy greyscale images which left police officers frustrated and bereft of reliable evidence.

To state an obvious truism, the use of less expensive security cam does of course give users on a limited budget the option to display more units, which may suit your strategy better than the deployment of a more limited number of more sophisticated units. In particular, where a large area is to be covered it can sometimes make more sense to have wider coverage and, if needs be, to sacrifice a pixel or two in the area of image quality. Horses for courses, once again.

Similarly it may be that the user has no need for a device which is miniaturised to the point of needing to be hidden in the nib of a pen. Often cheaper designs may simply be more basic or conventional in design, with no significant reduction in video resolution or image quality ( video security , video quality ). The very simplicity of their design allows the manufacturer to cut the cost to you, the customer.

Ultimately, whether we are concerned with size, range, resolution, precision or optional additional features ( like facial recognition) , the cost of installing a comprehensive portfolio of residential or business cameras will be a determining factor for most customers. At the end of the day it is a question of establishing the right balance and, with that in mind, being able to introduce a system which best suits your needs as well as your budget.

Business Security Cameras

There are just so many reasons why one’s work premises need to be secure and safe from outside intrusion.

The integrity of any business operation depends not only on the standard of service it offers and its honesty in all its dealings, but also upon the professionalism that it exudes. This is more so still when we rely on a business to process information on our behalf, to store sensitive data and records of our dealings with them and to treat with us in a confidential and business-like manner.

For all of these reasons and for many more, we would all quite understandably be reluctant to engage with a company which was vulnerable to being compromised by the activities of intruders or trespassers upon its premises.

Proprietors themselves, of course, will be equally keen to ensure the inviolability of their property. Often it will contain valuable plant, machinery, records, office equipment – even cash. Even if it is insured, a successful incursion by criminals may result in its premiums being raised in the future. Indeed, if insurers are not satisfied that reasonable preventative measures were in place they may not pay out at all.

On top of all this it would usually be the case that the time spent in replacing lost or damaged equipment would result in a loss of trade and of income. Customers in a hurry are not always prepared to hang around and may drift off to your competitors. Once that happens, there is no guarantee that they will ever come back.

It is for these reasons that it is absolutely paramount that business owners take all reasonable steps to ensure that their premises and equipment are protected. This will almost inevitably mean implementing a work security operation with the necessary scope and precision to offer the fullest possible protection.

Furthermore businesses which employ staff have a duty of care towards them. Intruders are not always motivated solely by the desire to pilfer, often they could be driven by malicious intent or be otherwise unbalanced in a way which might present a danger to workers on site. There is even of course the possibility of armed robbery. For all of these reasons it is vital that all the necessary precautions are taken to protect staff, or customers who may happen to be on site. Banks have used closed circuit photography for a very long time, for reasons which are obvious. Whilst the security imperative for a different type of business may not be quite as great, there are few professional enterprises which would not benefit in some way or another from the protection that is afforded to them by closed circuit television or another system that might operate on a similar principle.

Residential Security Cameras

Protecting the home and keeping those who live in it safe is the first duty of any householder. Intruders can come to steal, to cause damage or to do us harm. We do not usually know when they are coming, neither is it always clear why they have come. The only thing we can do is to make it as difficult as possible for the privacy and sanctity of that which we call home to be penetrated by the uninvited and the unwelcome.

Residential security cameras systems come in all shapes and sizes and to suit more or less every budget. You no longer have to be wealthy in order to provide your family with the protection they need and deserve. Some simple precautions and the installation of some basic, affordable equipment can turn a vulnerable dwelling into a well-guarded dwelling which is very difficult to impinge upon.

Domestic systems are by no means a monolith. They can entail large and prominent appliances upon the approach to the property, leaving the potential intruder in no doubt whatsoever that it is securely protected. Conversely they can feature very small, even hidden lenses placed in discreetly strategic locations from which they can observe activity whilst themselves remaining completely undetected. Between these two extremes lies a whole plethora of systems which can be tailored to suit the individual needs of the operator.

Another benefit of having residential security in situ is that insurance providers love them, and will usually offer cover at a lower cost if they know systems are in place which will minimise the potential for loss or damage caused by the hostile action of strangers. A well-protected residence inspires confidence and it is understandable that this confidence would be reflected in the insurance premium.

With photographic technology being so readily available and affordable it is perhaps unsurprising that more private individuals than ever before are installing it for their own protection and for the defence of their properties.

Best Home Surveillance System

Generally speaking the best home surveillance cameras are those which are sufficiently tactful not to be spotted by others using the property who are unaware of their presence. By blending seamlessly into a wall fitting or even onto the cushion of a chair the modern spy unit plies its trade with stealth, anonymity and confidence.

The extent to which you will wish to hide your domestic defence apparatus will depend largely upon the purpose it serves. If the intention is to deter then there is no reason not to announce its presence with a cry from the rooftops. If however the object of the exercise is to catch miscreants in the process of going about their dastardly business then the preference would normally be for a subtle device which is hidden from normal view.

To most people’s minds the word itself would invoke an image of watching or monitoring activity over a period of time without the subject knowing that you were doing so. It would entail the recording of a series of acts, or of one act over a sustained period, as opposed to the capture of a one-off still or photographic image from which to glean information. This is what, in most everyday parlance, would distinguish surveillance from everyday security.

Use your search engine to compare and contrast the many systems on the market and to ascertain what are the best home surveillance systems for your own individual requirements. The list of qualities that each of them boasts will vary considerably between models. What is right for you may not be right for somebody else, and vice versa. It is always best to ensure that the system which you purchase is fit for the purpose to which you yourself would wish to put it.

Smart Home System Reviews

The “smart home devices” is a relatively new concept, which describes a dwelling equipped with heating, lighting and a host of electronic devices which can all be controlled remotely by computer. This would include not only photographic equipment but things as diverse as curtains – which can be opened and closed from outside the premises using smart security technology – to the cooker or refrigerator.

In terms of camera technology, having a smart system would allow images captured in real time to be automatically transmitted to a smartphone (home automation) , tablet or laptop at another venue and monitored as frequently and as thoroughly as the user requires. In practice, it means you can watch your abode from the inside whilst you are away somewhere else on holiday, on business or visiting relatives.

As well as watching the interior of your house or flat for unusual activity, a garden or other outside area can be monitored in exactly the same fashion. If anything untoward is detected police can be called or private security deployed without you even having to leave wherever it is you may be. You can even watch the police arrive on your smartphone!

As you might expect the science involved varies tremendously in range and price, from the most basic systems to the most all-embracing. Having smart systems indoors ( indoor home security ) which will mow the lawn and feed the cat is understandably more prohibitive in cost terms than the most basic security provision, but at the economy end of the scale at least smart technology of this kind can be surprisingly affordable.

To put it simply, smart home ( indoors and outdoors ) capability is an absolute game-changer. Any uninvited guest is completely on show from the start and throughout the whole duration of the visit. Everything he or she does will be caught clearly on screen, maybe whilst in the act, and the intruder will run the very real risk of being apprehended on the spot.

Smart home system reviews are available in significant detail around the internet, as any cursory search will reveal. Take a look and absorb some of the concepts and the systems which are on offer. This is technology which turns the tables so thoroughly it to all intents and purposes renders burglary and house-breaking redundant.

Investing in smart apparatus will give you peace of mind that is absolute, allowing you to enjoy your time away from home without having to worry about what might be happening back at your empty house or at your place of work.