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Security cameras

If there’s one thing in the world that is important to every single person, it is the security and safety of their home. Security cameras add an extra level of safety to you home and deter any criminals that may have thought about burgling your property. The market is seeing more and more cameras being added by the day nad it can be a rather difficult decision on which one is right for you. With the danger of a burglary/break-in becoming ever more likely thanks to the bleak economic standpoint it might be the perfect time you purchase a security camera.

There are many reasons for you to consider making this purchase, when on holiday, out for food or even at work you don’t want to be worried about the safety of your belongings. With an up-t-date high-quality security camera, you will be able to ensure that nobody is inside your property. Certain models even offer the ability to live stream the footage straight to your mobile device! Meaning you can check what’s going on no matter where you are in the world! If anything is to happen to your home/property whilst you’re there you will have video proof of every second. This can help the authorities catch the Criminal as well as making them think twice about entering in the first place!

Surveillance Camera

A surveillance camera is one of if not the best ways to add an extra level of safety to a large area without spending thousands on an up to date alarm system! Surveillance systems can be used for many different things and not just to deter burglars. If you have a feeling that there’s something dodgy going on in yours, or a friend/family members home (things going missing, unexplained injuries etc) then this could be exactly what you’re looking for. You can pick up surveillance cameras that are literally the size of a nickel and pretty much impossible to spot unless you’re looking for it. Ideal for spotting which of the neighbor's pets keeps leaving it's rubbish on your lawn as well!

There are loads of different models from different companies popping up on the market all the time; so you shouldn’t have an issue finding a camera which suits your needs! You also have tho option with certain models to live stream the footage straight to your phone. This way when your out and about whether it be going to the shop or on holiday you can feel safe knowing you have the ability to check on your property at any time! This is a great feature for anybody who knows that they will always be out and about!

Home Security Camera

Ensuring your home is safe and secure is the most important thing to do, one of the best ways to do so is by installing a Security Camera. With the market always expanding and more high-quality cameras rising to the top the pricing of these devices had dropped massively over recent years; now could be the ideal time for you to purchase a Home Security Camera. The main problem for most people is simply choosing one which is right for their home. There are multiple reviews and comparisons throughout the site to help you make this decision. If you want your whole home and garden to be covered by these cameras you will have to set up a security camera system. Make sure if you know this is what you want to do then you ensure you’re searching for a whole system as you can usually get discounts when purchasing multiple cameras You can also find a guide on how to do so on our site!

We know that you’ve worked incredibly hard for all of the items inside your home and it would be devastating if anything happened to those items. With the help of an up to date Security camera, you will always know that your home is safe, there are many different models available which all include different features. If you want a motion sensor security camera or one which will live stream the footage to your mobile phone this is possible.

Home Security

Although it can be pretty much impossible to guarantee the constant safety of your home there are a couple of very important steps you can take which will massively help in the situation of a burglary. You will never know what criminals have planned and no matter what you do there will usually be a way to get past it. First off you must ensure that you have working locks on all of your doors and windows, this may seem pretty obvious but it’s the first thing a burglar will look for. Next up it’s time to get a couple of high-quality security cameras, this way if somebody does think to target your property you’ll have video evidence of every second. Plus the fact if a burglar knows that everything they do will be recorded and sent to the authorities it’s more than likely they will decide to target a different property!
Home Security Camera system
Keeping your home protected against any threats is one of the keys to leading a happy and successful lifestyle. This is because without adequate protection everything you’ve worked so hard for could be taken away within minutes. We hope to advise you on the best ways to protect your home and give you all the tips and tricks that may help along the way. One of the best protection methods is to have a home security system, a system basically means that there is more than one camera that will be working together to protect your home.

An up to date security camera system should cover every inch of your property whether it be the front door or the back garden (obviously not the bathroom!). This way if anything happened while you’re gone there will be video evidence of every second, the burglar would also know this and probably choose a different target. Although that isn’t guaranteed and a prime reason why ensuring your home is always protected! With the economy looking worse by the day it is likely that the crime rate will rise further so now could be the perfect time for you to purchase and install a new home security system.
Best home Security camera systems
Right, so you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time you purchased and set up a Home Security system. Whether it’s a replacement system or a whole new one you can find information throughout the site that will help you In the process. We have recommendations on the best home security systems, how to set them up, their features and what to expect when the package arrives. With our help, you could save yourself quite a large amount of cash in installation fee’s and we would hope that you’ll be more than happy with your system!

If you’re on a tight budget then this could be a massive help and be the difference between a HD and normal Camera system. Make sure when you’re looking for a home security system you look for the bundles as purchasing one camera at a time is usually much more expensive! We have customer reviews from around the world as well as an In-depth review of many different systems to help you make that difficult decision.

Home security Camera systems

One of the most effective ways to protect your home and deter criminals at the same time is to have an up to date home security camera system. There are hundreds of different set-ups to chose from and it can be a very difficult decision; especially when working to a budget. We have researched each system for hours on end so that you don’t have to! We believe that we have already found the best security systems that are currently available on the market and want to share our thoughts with as many people as possible. With a Home security camera system you have the option to live to stream the footage straight to your phone, tablet or PC should you want to check what's going on whilst you’re out and about, or even in a different country.

With advancements in technology meaning new systems with better and updated features are being released more frequently it might be the ideal time you purchased a system of your own. Also, the price of these systems is at all time low at the minute, which is just another reason to take a second look. Your family and friends will thank you for the extra level of safety and security and you can feel comfortable leaving your home unattended. Because if anything is to happen you have video evidence which can be sent to both the authorities and the insurance company.

Security Monitors and recorders

Security monitors and recorders are basically a slightly older version of the up to date Security camera systems. This is because most don’t have the ability to live stream footage but will still monitor what is going on and record everything onto your computer/storage device. This is a great way to cover a large area which doesn’t need to be watched 24/7. This is also a much cheaper option when compared to the modern Security camera systems and should be considered if you are on a small budget. Make sure you pick a system.a camera which suits your lifestyle. If you know that you won't be watching the live footage stream then is it really worth that extra money to have the added feature, we’ll leave that decision with you. Although we have plenty of reviews and lots of customer feedback to help you make your decision!

Best security System

When you’ve come to the conclusion that it is time to purchase a Security system there are a couple of key questions you must ask yourself before doing so. First off is this going to be used to protect your home or business? If it will be used to protect your home you probably won't need as many cameras and will be able to purchase a slightly cheaper option. Although you’ll still want to ensure that everything is protected and there are enough cameras to cover all entrances to your home! We have reviews of many different cameras which would be perfect for your home and that will help you make a decision on which is the best for you.

When it comes to picking a security system for your business it is more than likely it’s not just your safety and valuables that are at risk! Not only will any employees of the company be happy to see that you’re adding an extra level of security. Plus if there has been anything going missing or report of bullying in the workplace a security system can help determine the cause of these issues and therefore contribute to you running a successful business. With certain systems, you will have the ability to live to stream the footage to a device of your choice which will give you an extra level of comfort when you aren’t around to manage everything and could be the perfect way to see if people are slacking whilst you’re gone.

Installing your new Security camera

Exciting right? You can finally go on holiday without having to worry about the security of your home/business. 2 days until you get on the plane, but you’ve got to install the system yet. Well, it shouldn’t take you too long and well done for not paying somebody else to do it! Although it may seem like a bit of a hassle it’s worth saving what in some cases is an $80 installation fee. Your system should come with some easy installation instruction that will take you step-by-step through the process of installing the system. If you can't get by using this then there will probably be an online guide also depending on which system you might be lucky enough to find a video on how to set up the cameras! Don’t put off setting up your system as you never know when a criminal is going to strike and if something happened whilst you’ve got a security system say in a box upstairs you’d be very disappointed that you didn’t spend an hour or two going through the installation process.

If you know that you’re going to struggle when setting up these cameras you’ve got a few different options. First off pay somebody else to do it, which in our opinion should be the last thing on your list. You could ask a friend or family member to come round and help, if they need any incentive then why not make dinner for the two of you? Better than spending $50 or more and will probably lead to an interesting evening! Your last option is to purchase a system which is known to be easily set up and has plenty of tutorials. Good luck and we hope that you have your system up and running in the near future.

Cheap Security Cameras

With technology advancing at an unbelievable rate the price of electronics will also continue to fall. With more and more companies looking to make profits in any market possible including the security camera industry. This leads to better products being released more often, meaning older models prices will drop massively as well as creating an extremely competitive market for the newest Cameras! If you’re looking for a reliable system then the price can normally indicate which is for you, although that’s not always the case. A much more reliable way to choose a cheap security camera would be to do extensive research on each different model, customer reviews, their features, overall rating and much more. But this would be a rather long process, and that’s why we’ve done it for you! Throughout the site, you can find many different recommendations for cheap security cameras along with in-depth reviews, pro’s, cons their features and much more. Along with our recommendation on the top 10 security cameras (could just pick the cheapest on the list if you’re on a low budget!).

There are a couple of factors you will want to consider when making this purchase tough. If you know when buying a system that it will need to be replaced in the near future you may be better off spending a little more in the first place instead of buying a whole new system every year. But there are some extremely good Cameras which won’t break the bank are amazing value for money so don’t be put off by a low price tag just ensure you’ve done efficient research.

Security Cameras best buy

Let's imagine that price is not an issue and you have an unlimited budget, which means you can pick any security camera system you want. That doesn’t mean that you buy the most expensive, you should still be doing plenty of research to find out which is the best. Plus the fact if you spend money as if it’s nothing that's how you end up with none and we wouldn’t want to see a security system leave you penny less. Although we must admit there isn’t a price you can put on your home, what’s inside it and your families security & safety.

It can be a very difficult decision when picking which security Camera is best for you, but we’ve found one of the best ways is to compare them side by side. On our site you can find reviews of many different security cameras, you can check out their key features, pro’s, cons and much more. After looking few a few pf our top picks you should be able to confidently pick the Camera/system that’s right for you. Also, bear in mind that one of these cameras also has the possibility to save you a lot of money in the future by helping authorities catch any criminals as well as proof of any incidents for the insurance company. If nothing happens to your home or business that is even better and your Camera/s could’ve helped to deter burglars also.

Security Camera Warehouse

It is much easier to pick a security camera/s to protect your home as they are only going to have to cover a small area in most cases. Where’s when trying to protect a business, especially a warehouse it can be a much harder decision. This is because a warehouse is way bigger than a typical family home and usually contains many valuable items. There is a company literally Security Camera warehouse which specializes in creating and providing cameras for these properties. They have won an incredible amount of awards including the product of the year in 2015. As well as being trusted by some major companies such as the US army and Navy, Toyota, Amazon, the New York times and many more recognizable names. So if you’re looking for a security system to cover a large surface area we would recommend checking out their website.

They offer some amazing discounters for new customers as well as great packages for anyone looking to purchase multiple cameras at once. Most of their products are fully weatherproof and the footage can be streamed to any device from your PC to you TV which will give you an extra level of comfort while out and about. If you are protecting a large area then this wholesaler is here and waiting for your order and you’ll probably save yourself a nice bit of cash in comparison to buying the products off of different stores (this is probably the place those stores bought them from!), anyway you can get free shipping at the moment so this is the perfect time for you to add an extra level of security to your warehouse!

Battery powered security Cameras

Picking the right security camera for your home/business can seem like a daunting task, although once you get into it and with our help you should come to a conclusion in no time at all! There are many security cameras that are battery powered instead of being powered by the mains. Unless you have the correct size rechargeable batteries we wouldn’t recommend one of these devices as it will cost you a lot of money in the long run! Although these Cameras are much cheaper than the more modern devices that are currently on the market.

The most common place you would find battery powered security cameras is in cars, this is because a person regularly uses their car so will remember to replace or re-charge the batteries. Whereas if you left one of these in your home you may not even realize it has died until you come to check that all-important footage! If you’re working to a specific budget then this could be the perfect security camera for your home/business; with prices dropping constantly thanks to newer models what’s stopping you from adding an extra level of security to your property?

Wireless surveillance camera

With all of the options that are on the market nowadays, it can be next to impossible to pick the best surveillance camera. Well, you’ve decided it’s a wireless camera you would like, now it’s time to chose which one. Throughout the site, you will find many reviews, features, customer reviews and much more that will help you make your decision. A big question you’ll have to ask yourself is how important is your property to you and is it worth adding a wireless surveillance camera. You’ll be able to effectively record anything that takes place in or around your building without having wires covering the wall.

With one of these Cameras, you will also have the option to stream the footage straight to a device of your choice. This is a great feature for anyone that is always out of the house/business and wants to check on what’s going on whilst they’re away! A wireless surveillance camera could also be perfect for use as a spy cam. There will be no wires giving the camera away and this would be the ideal way to secretly spot what’s going on in your home/business. You may have noticed that things have been going missing or being damaged, with a wireless surveillance Camera it can be pretty much impossible to spot unless you know where it is!

Best Home Security System Camera System according to customers

Trying to pick the right security system for your home can be a very difficult task and it may not be the way you want to spend your day. Although this is a very easy way to protect your home/business against any burglars and make criminals think twice about targeting your property. But with the hundreds of different options available on the market, you want to pick the best one which will both suit your home and make you feel more comfortable when leaving the building unattended. Your family and friends will also be happy and feel safer whilst relaxing at home and are likely to be grateful that you decided to add this extra level of security.

Should anyone decide to target your home you’ll have video proof of anything that happens, this can be sent to both the insurance company and the authorities. This way you will definitely receive a payment for any damages/missing property and the police will have a much better chance of catching the criminal. On the site, you can find loads of customer reviews and opinions to help sway your decision. Our in-depth description of each Home Security camera should also be a help in the process.

Top 10 Cameras…

If you’re looking for a list of the top 10 cameras then we’ve got you covered. On this site, you will find much different to p10 lists, from the best wireless cameras to battery-powered cameras, all the way to spy cams! By the end of your visit you should be confident in the camera you’re picking and look forward to the box arriving. With technology constantly improving and new innovations being discovered around every corner now might be the ideal time for you to pick the best camera. Prices are also at an all-time low thanks to the thriving competition brought by new and improved cameras.

It is always a difficult process picking a top 10 as there are many different factors that contribute towards an overall rating. These include the price, features, pro’s and cons, picture quality and much more. That’s why we’ve gone over all of these and thoughtfully given each product an overall rating so that you don’t have to go through the hardship of searching relentlessly through hundreds of different products on the internet. Trying to find the best prices and best deals on the web can be an extremely difficult task and would more than likely take up most of your day so the best price we could find at the point of writing the review will also be displayed with the rest of the information.

Business Security Cameras

Having an effective and working Security Camera for your business is one of the keys to running a successful and safe company. There’s no doubt in our minds that ever organizations properties should be protected by Security cameras. Not only do these deter criminals and point them towards less protected buildings but a high-quality security camera also ensures the safety of all of your workers. Should anything go wrong then you have video evidence of what and how things happened. There are some situations which are inappropriate to have security cameras, for example, if you owned a gym there would only be certain areas which you’d be allowed to place these devices. Although this should be pretty obvious to anyone who owns a business.

There are thousands of different models to choose from and the market Is constantly evolving. This means better prices and more advanced products are always nearby and should continue to improve for years to come. If you’re looking to purchase a Security camera System (more than one camera which will link up ad cover a larger area) then ensure that you are searching for a system/multiple cameras. This is because you will probably be able to get a discount when purchasing multiple devices at the same time. Shops such as Security Camera Warehouse specialize in selling businesses Security camera bundles to help add an extra level of security so their property.

Most of these cameras come with the option to live stream the video stream to your phone, tablet or any other device. This is a great idea for a business owner who always has to go on trips but wants to know what’s going on while they’re gone. Also if an alarm is tripped you are able to check the live stream and see what tripped it! Throughout this site, you will come across many different reviews and overall descriptions for different cameras and what’s good and not so good about the device. This should be a massive aid for anyone looking to purchase a Security camera for their business. This could also be the perfect way to catch out any employees who may be slacking/causing damage while you were gone!

Smart home system reviews

Smart homes are on the rise and as the new generation continue to get their own houses and properties it’s more than likely we will continue to see a rise in these properties. This is the future and if you don’t already you might want to start kitting out your home with smart pieces of technology. You can also find smart Camera systems to go with the rest of the electronics that are dotted around your home. These are the best camera for anyone who wants to have the ability to watch the live video stream whilst they’re not at home; with most of these cameras all you have to do is quickly download an app or some software to a device of your choice and start watching.

Although most Smart Cameras have been designed for use inside there are certain models which will work outside and are fully weatherproof. The price of these cameras varies massively but usually, depends on the camera quality of the device (as well as other features). If you’re looking for something that will connect with the other smart devices around your home then Samsung have some great options at a competitive price. If you’re struggling on which camera to pick then take a look at our Smart Camera reviews as they should help to make your decision easier. We have gone over all the information we could find on each camera to give you an overview on each as well as giving an overall rating of each camera.

Top rated home security systems

When looking for a system to help protect your home you want one which won’t feel too intrusive while still providing that extra level of security that’s needed. If you know that you’re always going to be home alone this might be perfect for you and make you feel much more comfortable whilst relaxing. Although we must admit a Security system is a major step to take it is one which you and your family will feel thankful for taking should anything happen to your home. Whether it’s because you live in a bad neighborhood or are just worried about the valuables in your home there are hundreds of different ways one of these systems could benefit your household. With most modern systems you have the ability to live stream the video footage to your tablet, smartphone or computer should this feature be one that you’d use.

The market is constantly evolving with new and improved systems making their way into the spotlight on a regular basis. Because of the thriving competition between companies prices are forced down meaning that customers are guaranteed to get value for money and now is one of the best times in history to purchase a home security system. Make sure when you’re looking for which is best for your home you’re searching for systems/multiple cameras. You will get a much better price than if you were to buy each device individually! There are multiple articles on our site that will also help you make a decision on which of the top rated systems will suit your home, we will go over all of the top rated reviews to compile a review of our own as well as an overall rating. This will save you valuable time and means you can get on with other tasks.

Home security reviews

If of the ways you make a decision on which product to purchase is to look through the top reviews then you will be more than happy to hear that we’ve already done it for you. We have highlighted the best reviews on the home security system and picked the key points from each to help make up our very own review on the product. This way you won’t have to spend the time and energy on picking out some reviews and going through them all to develop a basic understanding of each product. Although it may seem difficult we can assure you, that with our help you’ll be able to choose a security system that suits you and be confident in the choice you’ve made.

This is because we go over everything that is important surrounding each product. The features, pros, cons, price, size and much more. We know that you don’t want to spend your hard earned money to end up disappointed when the security system arrives. The whole point of this purchase is to make your home safer and there's no doubt in our mind that one of these will in some way benefit your home. Make sure you’re picking a system that has features you will use and utilize!

Best home surveillance Cameras

It’s rather difficult to pick the best home surveillance camera and you’ll definitely be thankful for a helping hand throughout the process. That’s where we come in, we’ve already done all of the hard work for you. Instead of spending hours comparing products, prices and customer reviews you can quickly compare Cameras on our site. We will go over all of the key features that will separate products from each other as well as all of the pro’s and con’s to ensure that you know what people did and didn’t like about them. We have compiled a list of what we believe to be the best surveillance cameras on the market today taking into consideration all of these different factors and we would feel confident in using any of the devices on our list.

When sat at home you want to feel comfortable and safe a high quality, proven surveillance camera could be the thing that your home has been missing. It could also be the perfect way to catch out a babysitter or career stealing/causing damages if things have been randomly going missing! You will also have video proof of every second if something does happen and you’ll be able to help the authorities in the search and conviction of the criminal. If the insurance company wants proof of a break in then the video could also be used as that! But when it comes to picking the best surveillance camera to make sure you check out our top 10 list and compare all of the different options to find out which best suits your needs.

Home Security system comparisons

With hundreds of different surveillance systems competing to try and draw customers in picking which one will suit your household can be an extremely difficult decision but fear not as we are here to help. The features that a system includes are the main thing which you should look at. This way you can ensure that you’re picking the ones which are right for you and know that you are making a smart decision. Although this isn’t the only thing you should look at, price, customer opinion, the pro’s and cons and much more should also be analyzed; making this an unbelievably long process. That’s where we come in! We’ve compressed everything you need to know about each product into one easy to read the review to help you compare and contrast between different security systems for your home.

We have many different lists of the best surveillance/security system for your home and hope that by the end of your visit on this site you'll be able to confidently choose the right system for you. Protecting your home and everything inside it is key to a successful and relaxed lifestyle. Imagine if every time you went home somebody had tried to (and maybe succeeded in trying) break in. It would be devastating! An up to date security system points criminals in a different direction. Making it more than likely that they’ll choose a completely different, less protected property to target. Make sure you pick a system that your family and friends will appreciate and won’t be too intrusive on your own or other people’s privacy. Again you can compare multiple different high-quality systems on our site instead of having a hundred different tabs open and still coming to no conclusion!

Cameras for your home

There is usually a specific reason somebody decides to get a camera for in/around their home. For example, if you live in or are moving to a bad neighborhood then maybe you’d decide it’s time to get a camera. Maybe you have a relative/friend living with you and you don’t trust them in the house by themselves, or you may have noticed things have been going missing. Then this would be the ideal opportunity to implant a spy cam and catch them in the act (or not!). The market is constantly evolving with new products breaking onto the scene almost daily the price and features on these cameras are also ever changing. With more and more entrants into the market, there’s no doubt that prices will continue to drop and cameras will continue to improve.

It’s pretty simple really to pick a camera for your home, or at least it will be with our help! First off you need to decide if you want the camera to be inside or outside. Then set yourself a budget. Go find our top 10 for that type of camera (Spycam, outside camera, Surveillance camera, Smart cameras and much more). On this page, you’ll be able to compare and contrast each different camera and take your time when coming to a decision on which will suit your household best. Bear in mind you can get modern, High-definition cameras for unbelievable prices nowadays and you don’t have to break the bank in order to improve the security of your home.

Residential Security Camera

If you’re thinking about getting a Security camera in a residential area then we’re here and ready to help you pick the right device. No matter where you are in the world you’ll be able to check the live video stream and ensure that your home and belongings are safe and secure. If anything is to happen not only will you have video proof for the insurance company and authorities alike, but you can also check the streams should you hear a random noise in the night. Or get a movement notification whilst you’re out on a date! This can help in a lot of situations and is one of the best features that can be included in a residential security camera.

When moving into a bad neighborhood the first thing most people will think of is securing their property and everything inside it. After ensuring every entrance has a working lock the next best thing is a HD camera that will help in most imaginable situations

Best reviews on security systems for your home

Searching through hundreds of online sites to try and find a well written and reliable review could in itself take you all day. Never mind trying to then pick between the many different models that are for sale. We have gone through all of the top online reviews from multiple different cameras and picked out the most important points, including the pro’s, con’s, key features and much more. All of these are analyzed and put into our very own review. This will be in our opinion the best you can find online; meaning this is the only site you need to visit when picking a Security system for your home!

Obviously, the price of each system will have a massive effect on its overall rating and more expensive doesn’t always mean better. In other words, look at the overall rating of each system, not the overall price! What another customer has written about the Security system could also be of help, although keep in mind that somebody is much more likely to write a review if they’ve had a problem. But write nothing if everything has been fine!

Different types of Security Camera Systems

There are loads of different Security cameras that are currently available on the market. They come in all shapes and sized and will massively vary in price. Picking a type of system can generally depend on where you will be using it. If you’ll be using this system to protect your business then you will probably want to make it obvious that there are security cameras protecting the property. That is because having a modern CCTV system can be one of the best ways to deter criminals and point them in a different direction!

When searching for a camera for your home this may be the case if you want to protect your home from being burgled. Although most people who are searching for a camera for their home are looking for one which will be hard to spot. This is normally to catch someone in the act who is stealing from their home. Below we will list some of the most popular camera types for Security Systems…
-Dome Camera
-IP Camera
-Day/Night Camera
-Box Camera
-Bullet Camera
-Wide Dynamic Camera
-PTZ Camera

Security Cameras for your business

Picking security cameras for your business can be a long and difficult process and we know just how important it is that you don’t waste your money on a useless Camera/s. We have gone through all of the different options and come up with a list of the top 10 Cameras. This means that you don’t have to spend hours searching the web to find reviews, pros, and cons or anything else you may want to know about the Camera/s as we’ve already done it for you!
Depending on the business you own you may want to increase your budget on so you can afford a high quality, advanced Security Camera system. For example, if you owned a Jewelry shop or an electronics store that has lots of valuable items inside you would want the best protection possible for your property to not only deter criminals but to ensure you’ve got proof of any incidents that may take place! Hidden cameras or Spy cams could also be a great way to find out who’s been stealing the missing items.

Security Camera for home

If you’re looking to purchase a modern security camera for your home there are many great options currently on the market, it can be hard to search through all of the different models let alone read all of the reviews and other information. We have found the best Security cameras and put them all side by side so that you can compare between each depending on your budget and the features you desire. We know how important the safety of your home and all that’s inside is to you, and your family.

Types of Camera for both in and outside your home

Right, so you’ve decided it's time to get a camera to add an extra level of safety to your property and now it's time to pick which one. This can be a long and draining process slogging through different review, trying to find the best prices and much more. We’ve done the hard part and now its time for you to compare between the best options the market has to offer in many different sectors. Below we have some information on some of the many different types of camera for your home and/or business. Whether you’re looking to check on your baby whilst on holiday or want to find out which employee has been going in your office without them knowing we’ve got you covered.

Spy Cameras/Hidden Cameras

Spy Cameras are ideal for anyone who would like to be discreet and make sure that the added security in their home does not feel intrusive and blends in with the surroundings. Most of these cameras are tiny and can even be as small as a nickel! This means that should you think something strange is going on in your home or business you’ll be able to secret record what's happening on a Spy Camera.

Baby Monitors

Most people will now have a baby monitor to check what how their child is doing when they’re asleep and if they are settled. Many people ask the question why would you get a baby monitor with a camera? We have some great reasons why this could be a great addition to your home. Let’s say you or a family member is always away from home but wants to check on the baby. Maybe you just want to check if they’ve settled with a babysitter or it could be somebody in the family is serving in the armed forces and they are also able to stream the live footage to their mobile device!

Weather Proof Cameras

If you’re looking to purchase a camera to monitor outside your home we would recommend you purchase a weatherproof Camera. Otherwise every time it rained or snowed there would be a chance that you’d need to purchase a new Camera! IN the long run, this would cost much more than choosing a device that is weatherproof. There are some advanced models making their way onto the market recently and with technology advancing it can only get better. We are seeing cameras that also have Night vision capabilities as well as Motion detection and Wireless connectivity. If you’re on a small budget there are still some great options to help protect your property that won’t leave you with an empty wallet.

High Definition Cameras

Most of the models that are available on the market today are high definition. This means anything that is over 720p; you can even purchase surveillance/security cameras that will record in 4k now depending on the size of your budget. We would recommend that if you’re going to purchase a camera for any reason whether it be a spy camera, CCTV camera, Security camera or anything else that you pick a model which is HD. This will ensure that you have a clear picture to provide to both the authorities and insurance company should there be an incident. The market is constantly evolving so you’ll always be able to pick up something in your price range. With our help, you can feel confident in your purchase and look forward to the added level of security, without searching through the market for multiple hours.

Cheap security Cameras

If you have a small budget but still want a good quality and well-made Security camera then look no further. There are some amazing deals and great prices thanks to the ever growing industry. We’ve found what we believe to be the best value for money Cameras for both in and outside your home and put them all onto one site. It’s easy to compare and contrast between the features, pro’s, con’s and gain some general information on each device. Plus you don’t have to waste your day searching for through customer reviews and key features because we have done it for you.

Buying Guide for Cameras

There are a couple of question you have to ask yourself when purchasing a camera for your property there are a couple of question you must ask yourself. Firstly what area are you looking to cover? If you need to protect a large area then you may want to look for a security system this way all of your devices can be interlinked and you will be able to watch or even stream the footage to a device of your choice. This could be ideal for a business owner that’s always away but wants to check what’s going on. Security systems mean that you can connect as many cameras as you desire and will definitely find a better price per camera when searching for a bundle.

If you’re looking for a camera that will go inside your home then you’re probably going to want one which is more discreet and doesn’t feel like it’s destroying your privacy. There are some great options for both in and outdoor cameras. Also because of the ever growing market, there are always some great offers and competitive pricing. You can now find cameras for your home with some amazing features such as motion sensors, Night vision and much more. If you’re looking for a hidden camera you can find some tiny cameras that will pretty much be impossible to spot Spy cams have come a long way and can now easily fit in with furniture or on a shelf without being spotted!

There are many other types of the camera also on the market as we have already noted above. Baby monitors are a very popular option. Thanks to the recent evolution in technology we can now have wireless cameras around the house with batteries lasting for much longer than in the past. This means that you’ll have no idea that extra level of security and comfort is there; without changing the look of your home.