Tom Williams and Pete Mayhew know a thing or two about what it is like to be the victim of a break-in. To have the sanctity or your home violated, your valuables stolen, your furniture damaged, your drawers ransacked and your personal possessions strewn and scattered around the place. At different times it has happened to them both. Neither was left with any option but to stand back and endure the sense of angry frustration and helplessness which comes with watching families and loved ones suffer the aftershock of a burglary. It was not an experience either of them would want to have to go through again.

Together, they decided to do something to help spare others the heartache and misery which was inflicted upon them and their families. Forming a partnership, they determined that they would develop the expertise needed to deter would-be housebreakers and intruders from plying their selfish trade at somebody else’s expense.

Now Tom and Pete offer specialist advice on the installation of security equipment to protect homes and businesses from the attentions of uninvited visitors harbouring malign intent. Familiarising themselves with the burgeoning technology and innovation that was fast becoming available to ordinary homeowners and small business people, they soon became voices of authority on the subject of cameras, scanners, video and sound recording, and the many other facets of the private security industry. Whether you are looking for ultimate protection or affordability, discretion or deterrence, pan-tilt or dome, still shots or moving pictures, these guys will know what best suits your specific needs and requirements.

“I was devastated when I returned home and saw what they had done,” Tom says, speaking of his earlier ordeal. “A family are entitled to feel safe and secure in their own home and we felt vulnerable as well as violated knowing that they could just walk into our house and do whatever they wished. I was determined to do something to prevent the same thing from happening to someone else.”

Pete recalls the night when his intruders broke in and stole his and his family’s belongings. “There was no respect shown for our privacy, none at all, let alone for all that we had worked so hard for. They took what they wanted and left us to clear up the mess. It was a long time before we got over that. If we had had security measures in place they may not have got in, or if they had they could at least have been apprehended.”

Security and surveillance technology has never been more sophisticated, yet neither has it been more readily and easily available to the everyday householder or company owner. Dummy CCTV units can be purchased for surprisingly little, which if required can be paired up with real live units to give an impression of complete coverage at a very minimal cost. Even at the top of the range prices are no longer prohibitive. Take a look and see what is available to meet your own requirements – or ask Tom and Pete.