When you are looking for a good surveillance kit to keep a view on your home or business, you really want something that is easy to install and that comes with the inclusion of all the things that you will need in order to be able to set the system up. You especially want to make sure that it has several long cables, all the mounts, all the hardware and everything else that is required for you to be able to successfully mount the surveillance system. Then you really need to check out the Annke 4CH 720P HD PoE NVR IP Surveillance Kit.


This kit will provide you with an increase in viewing pixels, which are set at a rate of 1280 by 720. This enables you to possess images that are made in the highest resolution with precise details that will grant you superior recognition when you view images and videos that have been captured with this high quality system. This means that you will recognize people, objects, movement and actions. This system will prove to be very easy to set up because of the plug and play functionality. All you must do is simply make sure to connect the IP camera to the cable that is provided. Then you will plug it into the built in PoE at the rear side of the NVR. The kit will transmit both a power signal and a video signal via the usage of the same network cable. There is no additional video cable required, which is very convenient.

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  • The cameras are very well made and come encased in metal. They can be used inside or outside of homes and businesses.
  • The video quality is excellent. You will be able to see clearly even what is happening when it is dark outside because of the provision of the high quality of the night vision ability of the camera.
  • The camera system has the functionality of being able to be used as an IP camera via the implementation of the wireless app.


  • Some customers are disappointed that there were only three cables provided when there are four cameras in the kit, which means that unfortunately one cable was missing. This greatly inconvenienced the customers during setting up this surveillance system.
  • Someone received the box unsealed during shipment and wonders why more care was not taken in shipping this surveillance camera system to him. And he also claims that part of the system was missing from the box, which truly bothered him as he had paid money to receive the complete surveillance kit in good shape.

You can access this system remotely in just a matter of minutes. You will be able to view live video and also playback videos with the touch of your fingertip. The free mobile apps grant you the remote freedom that you need with the added benefit that there are no monthly subscription charges that must be paid to use this amazing service. You have the option to be able to view videos on an HD monitor or a TV screen, while still being able to maintain the desired integrity of the images on the videos. You will appreciate the fact that there will be no distortion of the videos.

  • Simplified Power over Ethernet – PoE technology, a single network cable directly connects each IP camera to the NVR, supplying both power and video signal. No more video cable is needed.
  • 720P HD Recording – Provide bigger and detailed image/Never Miss One Moment
  • 100ft Day Night Monitoring with Auto IR-Cut Switch
  • QR-Code Scan Connection to realize smartphone quick remote access anytime anywhere
  • All systems CE & FCC certified with qualified power supplies. Guaranteed for a Full Year & Free life time Tech Support


A customers states that she believes that this is a high quality system that really shows forth excellence. It is offered at a very affordable price, which she considers to be very fair to the general consumer. She runs a store and finds that this system is very professional and works well to protect her store.

Another consumer says that he finds that the motion detection works extremely well for him. He likes the fact that the system sends an email on to him when it detects something. He has tested the system and it works well every time. This gives him real peace of mind in relation to the security of his shop.

Final Thoughts

This is a very professional surveillance camera system that will really keep a watch over things at your home or business both inside and outside. You will have access to high quality resolution, so that you can see truly what is happening. You will be glad for the opportunity to purchase this powerful system.