Perhaps you are looking for some great quality surveillance cameras that you can put outdoors. You want cameras that will capture images well. You want the camera to be able to video up to forty five feet away at least for you. Well, then you are going to really like the Annke 8CH 1080N DVR 1080P NVR Hybrid Recorder. For example, even if you live in Colorado where the temperature can be as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit outside at certain times of the year, and even dropping by times into negative digits, you will be pleased that your cameras will still function even in very cold weather.


The camera is a quality 1080p security camera that will allow you to have crystal clear imaging at a very affordable and economic price for those who are on a strict budget, but who are still looking for good functionality and high quality in the surveillance equipment that they buy.

You get four professional surveillance cameras in this kit, not just one. Each one has a 3.6 mm lens and can provide you with a wide viewing angle by up to 75 degrees. You have the option to be able to view and record with the usage of remote viewing on web browsers, as well as on iPhones, iPads and other Android devices. The motion detection feature enables you to have the option of only recording when some motion is detected in the area, in order for you to be able to save storage space on the hard drive without missing any important happenings.

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  • The camera provides you with excellent quality clear images, so that you will never miss any important events.
  • There are flexible playback modes, so that you are enabled to skip to any time without any hindrances in order to view exactly what you need.


  • Some say it is difficult to use and needs to be more user friendly.
  • Some say that the supporting instruction manual is very confusing.

It has a very easy to use plug and play set up, access and control. It comes with the provision of the USB backup feature to give you real peace of mind. There are multiple types of recording modes and playback options. The system is CE and FCC certified with the provision of UL compliant power supplies. It comes with a good warranty.

  • New Arrive AHD(1080N) DVR with 720P Security Camera: Provide you Crystal Clear image with affordable price
  • Includes 4 x HD 1.0MP IP66 professional cctv cameras capable of 1280 x 720p video, each with a 3.6mm lens and wide 75 Degree viewing angle. View and record with remote viewing on standard web browsers as well iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
  • Motion detection option allows you record only when motion is detected so that you can save hard drive storage space without missing important events. Plug & Play setup, access and control. Scan QR Code on DVR from Annke Desired App to instantly access live viewing and playback.
  • Amazing DVR/HVR/NVR 3-in-1. Includes USB backup feature for peace of mind. Flexible display with HDMI& VGA output. Multiple recording modes and playback. All systems CE & FCC certified with UL compliant power supplies, never miss any precious moment of your love
  • Guaranteed for a Full Year from purchase with local Warranty and Lifetime Support offered exclusively by Annke via Email or Telephone, making this quality engineered HD security device suite one of the best values available for a video security system purchase.


A customer states that this recorder provides great value. The camera has excellent quality in relation to clarity. These cameras are great to be used indoors and outdoors. He was very pleased that the small black control box was similar to the size of a small DVD player or TV cable box. He says that it functions very well and acts as the brain for the system.

One person who purchased this system states that he received four top quality cameras that were constructed very solidly with a good metal shell. He said that he believes that they will last a very long time. He likes the four sets of cables that are sixty feet long for each one. The USB mouse to configure the device works very well, which is good; since there is a lot of configuration to do.

Another customer is very pleased with the remote control that allows him to control basic operations of this fine quality system, which he finds especially great for the play back feature. He likes the provision of the screws and plugs that are included so that he could successfully complete the mounting of his cameras as required. He found the user guides helpful with beneficial information.

Final Thought

The Annke 8CH 1080N DVR 1080P NVR Hybrid Recorder will be working well for you for a very long time. You will really appreciate the fact that it is very easy to install. The images are very clear both during the day and during the night when recording of videos is under way. When you configure the system as instructed, you will find that it will be a very top notch security surveillance system that will put your mind at ease. This is ideal to use for the surveillance of your home or your business. This is really a great piece of equipment to purchase.