You want the peace of mind and the security of being able to monitor areas inside your home, such as the bedrooms, the family room, the nursery of the baby, the garage, the guest house and more. While you and your family are away, you want to be able to check in on pets to see how they are doing. You can also check in on the children and some elderly folks, such as the in-laws who perhaps live with you. Yes, you are looking for a great camera surveillance system that will protect your home by deterring unwanted trespassers. Then you really want to look into getting the Conbrov Wf28 Hd Home Wireless Security WiFi IP Camera.


The camera is a very high quality security camera that will allow you to have the kind of crystal clear imaging that you want to have at a very affordable and economical price if you are on a strict budget. The camera is ideal in that it is small and compact and can be put anywhere. It will fit in as if it is like a fixture, as it is meant to be part of the space.

The WiFi mobile cam is very easy to set up and to use. You will receive a bracket, a warning sticker, a user manual, and even an installation demo CD. You are able to view the camera via the usage of your mobile phone no matter where you happen to be. The camera will record when it senses movement, so that you will always know what is happening.

  • Accurate motion detection up to 24 feet (8 meters)
  • 24 feet (8M) Night vision 23pcs LED hide in the PIR
  • Time and date watermark available
  • Email alerts and pushes function available
  • A/C Power Supply included for mounted use (extension cable optional)

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  • This camera system has nigh vision so that you will know that your property is safe not only during daylight.
  • This product is great to use for homes and businesses, and even to check up on your child when someone is babysitting.


  • Some say that this camera does not record very far during night time, so it makes it difficult to see what is going on outside.
  • There is a lot of information to read and to go through in order to be able to set up this surveillance camera system.

Customer Testimonials

A lady says that when she plugged the camera in and it started rolling video, she really appreciated it. This is a great addition for any household with kids, pets or when you and your family are living in areas that have unsavory characters. She was glad to be able to watch the pets and the kids from anywhere in the house, so that she could get her other tasks done but still know how the pets and kids were. Because the camera senses motion, she even gets the system to send her a notification on her cell phone when the children move or pets move if they have been napping, so she will be ready to interact with them and to get them what they need. This helps her to plan her time for tasks.

A customer testifies that the imaging on the videos is very good. The night vision on the camera functions highly well also. It proves to be rather sharp and very adequate. The system is very easy to get set up due to the downloadable app. The printed instructions are also beneficial. It basically takes some common sense to get the system set up and then it will function well for a very long time. The camera is small and can easily be moved as needed, which is very convenient. The camera is priced right and he likes the fact that he can see it anywhere via the usage of his mobile phone.

Final Thoughts

 The Conbrov Wf28 Hd Home Wireless Security Wifi Ip Camera will prove to be a real added benefit to any household that chooses to invest money into this high quality system that will add the protection and security to the home that a family is looking for and is in need of. This system is fairly priced to help you to save money. You will be pleased with the quality of the imaging of the videos. This camera also features the benefit of night vision to capture video during the night as needed whenever motion is detected to let you know what is going on in relation to your property.