The Henxlco Dummy Solar Security Camera is a great way to get rid of any unwanted criminals around your properties. With a solar panel situated on the top of the camera it makes the ideal fake camera for anyone who wants often forgets to change batteries or simply doesn't have the time to go around changing them. With a metallic look finish, this camera is made to look as realistic as the real camera's, however it is made from a durable plastic.

The realistic look of this dummy camera makes it the ideal choice for deterring criminals away from your properties, whether that is your home or your office space. Helping to reduce the amount of break-ins, thefts and vandalism's. Many people worry about keeping their homes and businesses secure, using these dummy camera's you can be content knowing that it is actively deterring criminals away from your property.


This dummy camera has some great features which really help it to look realistic, as well as ward off any unwanted criminal activity. One of the best features of this camera is that it has a solar panel, which tops up the batteries that run the light throughout the day. This means that you don't have to regularly change them, making this camera ideal for those people who don't get much time or don't have a great memory. With the flashing LED light, this camera is designed to replicate the real process of a real security camera.


  • Solar powered, meaning that battery life is extended and it doesn't require constant changing of the batteries.
  • Mounting bracket and equipment included for an easy installation.
  • 4 dummy cameras included within one pack for a great price.
  • Affordable price, great for those with a low budget.


  • Built using plastic, which means that it will not withstand some weather conditions.
  • Like all dummy cameras, this is not a real recording camera, which means that if something was to happen on your property there would be no evidence to support this.

Customer Testimonials

Many of the customers who tried out this realistic looking dummy camera said that it was definitely a good deterrent. One customer said that they had recommended one to all their friends and families to help keep them safe. With many people complimenting on the realistic look of this dummy camera, which is great as this is the whole idea behind purchasing one of these. People who purchased this camera complimented it for it's sturdy build quality, although built out of plastic it still has a realistic look with a metallic finish. Overall, the reviews of this product are 4.5/5 stars, meaning that the customer's who purchased it were very happy with the quality and the realism of the dummy camera.


We feel that the Henxlco is a great camera which can be used both indoor and outdoor due to it's superior build quality. With great overall reviews for this product it would make the ideal choice for someone who is looking to secure their premises with an inexpensive dummy camera. With a solar panel situated on the top of this camera, the 2 x AA batteries which should be placed inside this camera, will be able to sustain a long while without needing to be replaced, this means that this dummy camera is ideal for those who run a busy lifestyle and don't have the time to change the batteries on a regular basis. The actual styling of this dummy camera, makes it great to deter criminals, as it looks very realistic and doesn't