When it comes to keeping an eye on your home or your business premises, an HD security camera is the obvious solution. You can't be there all the time, but with a camera installed onsite, you can relax safe in the knowledge that if anything happens, you can stay ahead of the game. HD security cameras enable you to see recorded or live video footage while some have added features, and because they are high definition, all images will have optimal clarity. Discretion is, of course, extremely important for a security camera as you will not want to advertise its presence to potential intruders, while an attractive appearance will ensure that it blends into the decor and doesn't affect the look of your room.


HD security cameras have a resolution of 1080p and have the ability to zoom in on images with absolute clarity making them ideal when viewing from a distance. These cameras have the ability to transfer data at high speed to a computer and usually they give viewers the opportunity to check in on their home or work premises from any device at any time, whether a PC, smartphone or tablet through a web browser or a conveniently downloadable app. There are sometimes other features including alarm systems or automatic email notifications if activity is detected or two way radio for monitoring sounds as well as movement. Usually, they will also offer a night vision facility while some also have sensors that detect temperature and humidity in the area in which they are placed.

Best HD Security Cameras

GW Security 8 Channel HD 1080p Security System

This HD security camera is a powerful indoor/outdoor camera that has 1080p definition. It can capture footage in real time and with its built-in P2P Cloud Service and QR scan, viewers can instantly remotely view their property from anywhere at any time. There is also a free technical support system provided with this camera so there is no need to worry about any problems with setting up or operation. 45 days of footage can be recorded to the 4TB hard drive and the camera can pan and tilt as well has having an optical zoom of x20. This camera also has infrared LED with viewing up to 120 feet.


  • 1080p real-time recording & viewing
  • 4TB high quality pre-installed hard drive
  • Manual Zoom Varifocal Lens
  • Pan Tilt Zoom Camera can be remotely viewed through a computer, phone or tablet
  • Auto tracking
  • Instant mobile viewing on iOS and Android smartphones / tablets/Windows 7 8 10/Mac.
  • 1 Year Warranty & Free Tech Support

Customer Reviews

Customers have expressed their satisfaction with this camera, and particularly about the useful free aftercare and technical support service that comes with it. With its powerful zoom and choice of angles, it is easy to get the optimal view and thanks to the 4TB hard drive, a lot of footage can be saved and viewed at a later time. One customer expressed their special satisfaction with the fact that this camera comes equipped with a wiper. Although one customer did have a problem with the camera turning horizontally, this was resolved with a change of charger.

Aposonic A-AH16K10-3TB

This camera boasts the latest technology and offers the highest HD quality imaging. With its in-built HDMI video output, viewers can watch live streams on their HD TV or video can be recorded on the pre-installed 3TB hard drive. Viewers can watch images at any time through the convenient and innovative app for both mobiles and smartphones which offers useful features including the option of taking snapshots, playing recorded footage and controlling camera functions. The infra-red facility means that images are also clear during the night.


  • 1080P-Lite/720P/960H/D1/Half D1/CIF Real-Time Recording
  • 3TB HDD pre-installed.
  • Dual streaming technology to encode recording stream and network stream separately.
  • QR code scanning by mobile devices.
  • Powerful Configuration capability of Live-view, Recording, Playback, Motion, Backup, Remote access. Intuitive graphical user interface.
  • Support live view and remote configuration via all web browsers on Mac and PC.
  • Streaming live video / playback, 1 screen zoom-in on mobile smart phones or tablets via free app.

Customer reviews

This camera has received excellent reviews from all of its buyers, with many of them commenting on the crystal clear image quality. The user friendly control interface has received praise and the ability to watch live stream and recordings via the mobile app has also proved to be a positive point. The infra-red facility has been singled out for particular comment, saying that even in the dark, images are very clear and the flexibility of this product has made it a great success. As free technical support is also offered as part of the package, this makes this camera even better value.

Aweek Outdoor/ Indoor Waterproof 1200 TVL 1/3

This camera is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is waterproof, with a protective hood to keep it safe from harsh weather conditions. With its 2 infra-red LED arrays, it is perfect for night vision recording of up to 50 metres, and it is stylish while remaining durable and functional. It features an HD industrial strength lens and has an automatic white balance. As it has a wide angled lens, it has improved viewing capabilities and is easy to install and use. Available at an affordable price, this is the perfect HD security camera for small businesses or domestic use.


  • High power 2 IR LEDs array for night vision function
  • Made of strong materials for an attractive appearance
  • HD industrial-grade lens for high light transmittance
  • Come with a power supply adapter and user manual
  • Wide angle 6.0 mm lens

Customer Reviews

This camera was well received by customers who commented on the great value for money that this product represents. Priced affordably, it is the perfect choice for homeowners who wish to keep an eye on their home while they are away or small business owners who want to protect their investment. Although it is a very simple model, it does feature a wide angle lens for improved viewing which received high praise, as did the powerful infra-red function which allows for clear viewing even at night. Some customers did remark that the instructions about installation are not very clear and that an extension cable may be required as the cables provided are not very long.


There are many types of HD security camera, from the simple yet functional, ideal for domestic use, to extremely powerful multi-camera systems that are perfect for protecting large premises. Their infra-red night viewing capabilities make these cameras especially useful and as the high definition lenses allow for crystal clear imagine, these cameras are particularly impressive when zooming in. Any of these chosen cameras would be ideal to suit the different requirements of those who want to protect their home or business with a surveillance system.