With more and more people becoming more conscious about their home security, they are beginning to look into successful ways to deter criminals from approaching their property. The problem with most traditional security systems is their huge installation costs and maintenance, tie that in with an alarm system and you are already into the thousands.

The most cost effective and efficient way to stop unwanted visitors from setting foot onto your property is to purchase a dummy camera which looks realistic both up close and from a distance. The idea behind the IDAODAN Dummy Camera is to have a realistic look, which is aided by the realistic flashing LED light, intended to look like the camera is recording. These cameras are great for anyone who has a low budget but still wants to secure their household from potential threats. It is always a good investment when it comes to securing your household, as this is a place where you want to feel safe at night and not wondering who could potentially be looking to break in.

Having a good simulation look to that of a real camera, can help to ward off any potential criminals who will simply give one look, see the camera and move on to find an easier target. With their being a wide range of dummy cameras out there, in this article we are going to take a look at the IDAODAN dummy security camera. It is a fake camera which acts as though it is recording real video footage, but it is just a ploy to deter anyone who things they can get away with a quick snatch and grab.


  • Built with durable materials, it is perfect for use both indoor and outdoor due to it being able to withstand all types of weather.
  • Removal Battery Compartment Behind LED Lens
  • Flashing LED Light To Give Realistic Recording Feel
  • Adjustable Bracket Arm, Giving Up To 90 Degrees Of Downward Tilt And 360 Degrees Left And Right Rotation
  • Use 2 x AAA Batteries To Operate The Light
  • Security Stickers Included With The Pack


  • A major advantage of the IDAODAN dummy camera is it's ability to ward off any unwanted visitors, it does this by having a realistic look which will send off petty thieves.
  • Helps you to fell more safe and secure in both your workplace and at home.
  • Affordable for everyone, unlike real camera systems.


  • When closely inspected it is fairly easy to tell that the camera is not active.
  • Although it may deter some criminals, others may not be scared of showing their face to any camera.
  • A Dummy Camera may provide a better deterrent than no security measures however, they are not real and we recommend getting a real camera if you have the budget.

Customer Testimonials

There is a huge range of positive testimonials for those who have purchased the item. With one customer saying “This fake camera was great value for money, although the main body was mounted backwards to the arm, unlike the photo shown on the product box. This made the actual fitting slightly slower as it required unscrewing the backing and turning the camera so that it had better options for mounting.”


In conclusion we feel that this dummy camera is ideal for anyone who is looking for a budget friendly way to deter criminals from your properties. It has also been used to increase the work of employees on shop floors, as many employees work harder if they feel that they are being watched by management. If you are looking for a high quality and durable camera then this really should be your first choice, as it looks professional and realistic which is important when it comes to dummy cameras. From a distance the camera looks real and it would be very unlikely that anyone would like to get close enough in order to investigate it further.