Masione have always cared about their customers, with the goal of giving 100% customer satisfaction. They always try to produce reliable, affordable and quality products, alongside great customer support. The dummy camera we are reviewing, helps to decrease the amount of theft, break-ins and vandalism committed by criminals, without the high price tag of a real security camera system. Looking from afar it is like looking at a real security camera which is great, as criminals will not try to get closer to take a look to see whether it is real or fake.

Looking at the appearance of this protective device, it looks extremely authentic as if it really is recording both day and night, it is highly recommended by Amazon themselves, with an average rating of 4.5/5 stars. This score makes this dummy camera one of the bestsellers on the site.


With a reasonable price being one of the main features of this great looking dummy camera. The pack contains 4 fake cameras, which means that you can get a good coverage for your premises, helping to deter criminals fully from your building. With realistic flashing LED lights, which are there to replicate the recording light found on many realistic looking camera's. Simple to operate and install, with an easy mounting solution and pivoting bracket. This products requires 2 x AA Batteries in order to operate the flashing LED light, these are not required but will help to add to the realism of the dummy camera. Being built for durability and heavy duty, these dummy cameras are able to be used both indoor and outdoor.


  • Affordable price, meaning you don't have to pay the price for a full security camera system.
  • 4 Dummy Cameras are provided inside the kit.
  • Easy to install, with a great mounting bracket it is simple to fix to walls and ceilings.


  • Requires 2 x AA Batteries, keeping on top of these and ensuring that your batteries fresh can become an annoyance, also batteries are not included with these packs.
  • Made using a plastic material, this means that it may not be able to handle all types of weather.
  • Like other dummy cameras, this isn't a real recording camera which means if something does occur, then you don't have any video footage as evidence.

Customer Testimonials

With this product being a bestseller on Amazon, there is a wide range of reviews to choose from, for example an ex police officer said ” The issue with many dummy cameras is that, they are very cheaply made, affecting the overall build quality and longevity. They also are built on the styling of a camera which is over 10 years old. One of the main issues with the blinking LED light and what many people believe is that, the blinking light will alert criminals not to commit a crime at your property. Because of the IR LED Lights on this camera, it works great and much better than those with a single blinking red LED Light.”


In conclusion we believe these cameras from Masione are ideal for those looking for a realistic looking dummy camera and don't want to pay the full price for a security camera system installing. However, if you are looking to capture real time events, then there isn’t any other option but to get a real security camera system installed. These dome cameras with their tilting feature and realistic IR LED lights, they are the perfect deterrent for any criminal activity, as many people criminals won’t get close enough to see whether it is real or fake. Because the real dome cameras have a 360 degree viewing angle, criminals will know that this camera will be watching them on every angle, which means they will be deterred and go to find an easier target.