In this modern, technologically advanced age, it couldn't be easier to keep an eye on your home and property even when you are miles away thanks to the most up to date WiFi security camera technology. With no cables or wiring to give away their presence, these discreet cameras can easily be placed in locations around a property to maintain security even when you can't be there. Whether you are at work, on holiday or on the move, you can check into your WiFi security camera at any time from a remote web browser and make sure that all is quiet on the home front.

Features Of WiFi Security Cameras

WiFi security cameras are generally small in size and are easy to set up in locations around your home for quick and simple viewing. As they require no cabling or wiring, they are simple to move around and can easily blend into the room's decor for unobtrusive security. Many of the best WiFi security cameras are high definition for the best possible quality images and live streams can be viewed at any time through remote web browsers or through a downloadable app. Some of the best WiFi security cameras even feature alarms or email notifications to alert the owner to any movement in its field of vision.

Best Wireless Security Cameras


The RF LINK VMI-1201 HD Wi-Fi Smart i-Cam Camera is a small and unobtrusive camera that is extremely simple to set up and get running without any need for cables. With its own downloadable app for Android and Apple smartphones and devices, it makes it simple to view the live stream at any time and in any place and to control the camera itself remotely without the need for an QR codes. This camera is also high definition for high quality imaging and even features push text notifications if any sound or motion is detected.


  • Simple set up with no cable or QR code
  • Monitoring and control possible through smartphone or tablet via free APP
  • Supports HD720p/VGA/QVGA video resolution
  • Provides push message alert when sound or motion is detected
  • Multiple users can monitor stream simultaneously

Customer Reviews

This WiFi security camera has received many excellent reviews from purchasers who have expressed a positive opinion of the high quality images and ease of set up and use. It has been reported to work well even in poor lighting conditions which makes it an extremely versatile camera to use for all kinds of purposes. With its handy push notifications, it means that users can have peace of mind, especially if they are using the camera to check on pets, elderly relatives or children.

ADT Pulse RC8025B-ADT

The ADT Pulse RC8025B-ADT Indoor WiFi IP Camera is small in size and easy to hide discreetly in the home. Simple to set up and to integrate into existing ADT security systems if necessary, it also functions well in low lighting conditions. It features a wide angle lens, ideal for obtaining quality images in any rom of the home and has a high resolution, especially for a camera in this price bracket. This camera features an in-built motion detector which enables the user to record footage or take a still photograph using Pulse Automation.


  • Integrated motion sensor with Pulse Automation
  • Wide angle lens
  • Easy to install with no cables required
  • Indoor use only
  • Works in low lighting conditions
  • Works with existing ADT security systems

Customer Reviews

This product has received mainly positive reviews from customers who were especially impressed with this WiFi security camera's ability to broadcast quality images even in darkness. The ease of set up was also commented favorably upon as well as the wide angle of the lens allowing for greater versatility of viewing. Although many users were pleased with how easily this security camera fitted into their existing ADT security surveillance system, some users had difficulty in adding this extra camera into the loop. Some concerns were also expressed about the quality of the ball joint, as the screws are hard to tighten completely.

Spy Tec Cirrus i8

The Spy Tec Cirrus i8 Indoor Pan / Tilt Cloud Security Camera features the latest HD technology with 12 infrared LEDS for excellent night vision viewing. Easy to move around and place in any room because of its wireless set up, this camera's recordings are encrypted for greater security. This camera can remotely zoom, pan and tilt for extremely versatile recording and it even features two way voice communication. Using the most recent Cloud technology, the stream from this camera can be viewed anywhere and at any time through a range of devices including PCs, tablets and smartphones.


  • 720p HD Video Capture
  • 12 Infrared LEDs for Night Time Recording
  • WiFi Compatible for Placement Anywhere
  • Recordings secured with Automatic Encryption
  • Remote Zoom, Pan and Tilt Controls
  • Under 5 Minutes to set up
  • Two-Way Voice Communication

Customer Reviews

Customers have expressed their pleasure at the speed with which this camera can be set up and operated, and thanks to the downloadable app it is really simple to start viewing remotely. The good quality of the video has received praise and the two way audio facility makes it especially versatile. The smoothness of the remote panning, tilting and zoom has also received positive comments. On the downside, the lack of instructions has been commented negatively upon and some customers have experienced the problem of receiving false alerts unless the motion sensor is turned down.


Any of these excellent cameras would be a cost effective solution to security in the home as well as providing a simple way to check on elderly relatives, children or pets while out of the house. Representing great value for money, these wifi security cameras are easy to move to different locations and are small enough to not be noticeable or obtrusive in any space.