If you are looking for a dummy camera which looks like it could almost be real. It contains a fake lens and fake infrared LED, some of the dummy camera products have blinking LED lights which can add to the camera looking more realistic. These fake cameras can help to discourage potential thieves and vandalism to your home or office space, for a lot less than it would cost for a genuine security camera.

When these dummy cameras are placed around your office or house, it will give the illusion to potential thieves that your property is secured with high-tech equipment and this should deter them to go take a look for an easier target. Many of the products on the list are modified from real security cameras which gives that more realistic look and feel.


The lowered cost to both purchase and setup these cameras rather than a full security system installation. Whilst actual security systems can run into the thousands, fake cameras can be purchase for a few dollars. Additional to this, there is no need for any wiring or monitoring stations, as well as the maintenance costs which comes with having a full security system installed.

The main question a lot of people ask is: do dummy cameras help to prevent crime? Many users who have installed fake cameras around their home say that they have seen a lower amount of incidents in both vandalism and petty theft. As many common criminals go for premises which they feel are an easy target, meaning that they will most likely be deterred if there is any sign of being caught.

Best Simulated Dummy Cameras Reviews

JYtrend™ Outdoor Dummy Fake Security Camera

This dummy camera is made to look realistic, with a real looking lens and a flashing LED light. The JYtrend™ Dummy Camera can help to prevent/reduce the amount of thefts, break-ins and vandalism on your premises. With these cameras positioned on your home, even the most intelligent criminals will think that your house is protected by a full alarm system.

This particular fake camera is made from a real security camera, but has had modifications to make it into a dummy camera however, it does still contain a flashing LED light which can help with making the camera seem a lot more realistic. With an authentic looking video cable which feeds into the mounting bracket which is adjustable to angle the camera to help keep the authenticity. The dummy camera comes with a quick and easy install kit, only requiring stainless steel screws to fit the whole product to the wall.


  • Built-in Flashing LED Light
  • Cheap Way To Prevent Criminals
  • Easy To Install, Can Be Mounted To The Ceiling or Wall
  • Realistic looking with fake IR illuminators and fake lens housed inside a real camera casing.
  • Requires 2 x AA Batteries (Not Included) For The Flashing LED.

ARMO Dummy Security Camera

With security being a big concern for any property owner, ARMO have produced a fake security camera, being produced to help deter criminals from vandalism and theft. ARMO know that it is important to have an extra set of eyes, whether these are used to view the outside of your home or to monitor your employees. Of course all this equipment comes with a large cost, not to mention it will require regular maintenance to ensure that they are running at optimal quality.

But, with the new ARMO Dummy Camera range, it is possible to use these as a cost effective criminal deterrent, which helps to increase your security. The main feature of any dummy camera is to look at realistic as possible, with the ARMO camera it is extremely difficult to tell the difference between the fake camera and the real thing. It is a great motivator for employees as they will work harder knowing that you are watching them.


  • Cost Effective, Both To Purchase And Install
  • Includes Self Adhesive Warning Stickers
  • Realistic Design, Helping To Fool Criminals
  • Helps To Protect Both Your Home And Business

With the constantly flashing LED and with the “24 Hour Video Surveillance, Violators Will Be Persecuted” stickers which come with the pack, you can be sure that these dummy cameras will give you a strong deterrent when it comes to criminals looking for an easy opportunity.

WALI Bullet Dummy Fake Surveillance CCTV Camera

Offering a low budget solution to those who are looking to help secure their homes without having to part with a huge amount of cash, the WALI Bullet Dummy Camera is the ideal choice. The overall build quality of the dummy camera is very good and is durable, making it great for use outdoors. With an easy setup and life like features that you would expect from a real HD CCTV camera, it can help to deter unwanted visitors, helping your to feel secure in your home or office.

It is currently one of the best-selling dummy cameras available on the market today, with an average rating of around 4.5/5 stars. It is listed as the most reasonably priced of all the other dummy cameras on offer.


  • Built With High Quality And Durable Materials, Making It Suitable For Both Indoor And Outdoor Use
  • Cheap And Effective Way To Deter Unwanted Visitors On Your Property
  • With An Active Flashing LED And Realistic Looks, It Is Very Difficult To Tell The Real And Fake Apart

When you are looking for a dummy camera to use in your home or around your office space, it is important to note that you should really aim to get the one’s which look the most realistic. Some of the products on the market are not of a high quality and will be ineffective when in use, therefore it is essential to get a realistic looking dummy camera such as the WALI Bullet to help give you the feeling of safety and security in your own home.