Anyone who wants to maintain the security of their property in the least obtrusive way possible should considering purchasing a spy camera for their home. These clever devices are disguised to blend in perfectly to its surroundings and can capture footage without anyone realizing that they are being monitored. There are many benefits to choosing a spy camera – for a start you can monitor for any illegal activity, but you can also keep an eye on others within the premises, for example employees, baby sitters or care workers as well as monitoring the children when you can't be there in person.

Features Of Spy Cameras

The best spy cameras are those which are cleverly disguised so that they can monitor activity unobtrusively. Many look like another household gadget, for example a clock, so that they can blend seamlessly into the room. Lots of these cameras also have high definition for crystal clear imaging and can be controlled remotely. Some can record footage to an SD card or have motion detectors that alert the owner to any movement so that they can easily monitor their property when necessary. These lightweight devices are easy to move around the property to monitor any necessary area.

Best Spy Cameras

Spy Hidden Camera DVR with Motion Detection Portable Alarm Clock


  • Motion Detection and Motion Activated
  • 720*480 HD Video ResolutionReal-time AV Recording
  • Remote Control
  • Hidden camera with clock appearance
  • 12 Hour Battery
  • Supports 32GB Micro SD Card

This conveniently small camera will easily go unnoticed in any room as it looks convincingly similar to a standard alarm clock. Being lightweight, it can easily be moved between locations and because it has a built-in motion detector it can alert the owner instantly to any movement in is field of vision. It has the capacity to support an SD memory card, although this is not included, and can record 12 hours of footage in 720P HD.

Customer Reviews

Customers have expressed positive reviews about this camera and specifically its ease of installation. With its handy motion detector and web features it has been described as perfect for locating and tracking. Thanks to its clock-like appearance, it is easy to use in any room of the home or office, blending in perfectly to its surroundings so any intruder will remain unaware that they are being watched and as it only records when movement is detected there is no need to waste memory or spend a long time scrolling through footage to find relevant images.

1920*1080P Metal Body Full HD Mini Car Key Remote Spy Hidden Camera Motion Detection w/ Night Vision Key DVR Camcorder

This camera is cunningly disguised as a car key, making it an extremely unobtrusive way to monitor a premises. With HD technology, it can broadcast amazingly clear images and video recording can be activated by simply the touch of a button, either in constant mode or upon detecting motion in the room. This camera works with an SD card, although this does not come included, it also features night vision for clear imaging even at night.


  • 1920 x1080 pixel video resolution recording.
  • Audio & video recording by a simple click of a button
  • Constant or motion detection record.
  • Works with an SD memory card
  • Night Vision with IR Lights
  • Metallic Housing
  • Car Key Remote Design

Customer Reviews

Customers have described this unit as wonderfully simple to use and install. As it has a particularly unobtrusive appearance, it is easy to use anywhere at any time without anyone being observed realizing that the unit is activated. Thanks to its motion detector, there is no need to waste memory on constant recording and there is no need to cycle through

Toughsty Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Motion Activated Camcorder Video Recorder

Carefully disguised as an alarm clarm, this discreet camera is a great choice for any home or office. Featuring 1280×960 HD, images are crystal clear and video files are regularly saved every 20 minutes. With a handy motion detector, it is possible to set the camera to record only when movement is detected to cut down on storage however it is compatible with an SD memory card which is not included. This camera features a 140° Wide View Angle lens and a microphone to capture sound as well as video.


  • 1280×960 HD video for crystal clear imaging
  • Video files saved automatically every 20 minutes
  • Motion Detection: Can Be Set to Record Only When Motion is Detected
  • Web Camera Function
  • Memory Storage: Supports Up to 32GB Micro SD Card
  • 140° Wide View Angle
  • Microphone Built-in
  • Snapshot
  • Remote Control

Customer Reviews

This product has received high praise, with comments that it is especially impressive for its price point. Its speedy motion detector has been singled out for specific attention and its clarity of imaging is very good. With its wide viewing angle, the picture quality is very impressive and the microphone records sound well. This camera is also multifunctional, being able to be used as a web camera too when attached to a computer with a USB cable. One downside is that that it requires a Micro SD card to record footage which is not included and once this is full, existing recordings will be recorded over.


Any of these three cameras represent great value for anyone looking for a good quality spy camera for their home or business. Simple to operate and discreet to blend in with their surroundings, they all produce excellent image quality and help users to keep an eye on their property remotely.