The FLIR ONE Pro LT Thermal Camera is an industrious and affordable device, offering outstanding resolution enabling you to perform accurate and expeditious inspections, whether your objective is to locate hidden water damage or to identify the source of HVAC failures.  Incorporating the enhanced resolution of FLIR VividIR processing and the additional perspective of FLIR MSX, or multispectral dynamic imaging, this economic device offers you the features and functionality you need to get the job done.

Recently incorporated technology, including an updated FLIR ONE app, permits the accessing of real-time thermal tips which will assist you in preparing professional reports.  A simple and user-friendly interface enables the setting of multiple temperature spot meters and areas of interest for the collection of concurrent measurements.

The FLIR ONE LT has state of the art capability which allows for the identification of invisible issues faster than ever before.  Simply use the Lightning connector to link up with your iPhone or iPad and it becomes a powerful thermal imager with 80 x 60 resolution.  Ideal for inspecting properties, electrical panels or vehicles, locating water damage or looking for HVAC problems, this is the tool that no professional should ever be without.

This product comes with a nice protective case and charging cable, and is itself durable enough to withstand a drop from 1.8 meters, making it a suitable appliance for most industrial and workplace environments.


Incorporating a thermal resolution of 80 x 60 pixels, the FLIR ONE Pro LT boasts a clarity which far exceeds the call of duty for such an economical product.  It has an object temperature range of -20 to 120 degrees Celsius (-4 to 248 degrees Fahrenheit), allowing for use in all but the very most extreme conditions.

FLIR ONE Pro LT has a thermal sensitivity of 100mK and includes spot meters, level/span controls and VividIR image enhancement.  Image presentation modes are infrared, visual, MSX and gallery.  This product has been drop-tested from a height of 1.8 metres (5.9 feet), making it ideal for more or less all industrial situations and uses.  Reporting capability through the new dedicated mobile app enhances user-friendly problem solving functionality.  Connect to Apple watch or any Android smartwatch for visibility around corners or in hard-to-reach places.

Preferred power source is corded electric but the battery life of the product is one hour.

Components include USB to USBC cable, lithium ion battery and storage case.  The product comes with a one year warranty included.


  • Multispectral dynamic imaging and FLIR VividIR technology
  • New updated app offers improved functionality
  • 1.8 metre drop-tested for industrial durability
  • 80 x 60 pixel resolution
  • User-friendly interface
  • Strong protective case
  • Compatible with Apple watch and Android smartwatches for enhanced versatility
  • A quality product at a highly competitive price
  • USB to USBC cable, lithium ion battery included


  • Less functionality than higher cost versions
  • Battery life limited to one hour
  • Resolution and thermal sensitivity lower than with PRO version

Customer Reviews

Most of the reviews readily available online for the FLIR ONE Pro LT thermal imaging camera award the product the full five stars, with a significant majority of those who don’t opting for four stars.  Of the few frustrations and complaints, many of these seem to be related to the obvious truism that more expensive models – some of them vastly more expensive – offer a little bit more.

What doesn’t appear to be challenged is that the Pro LT, effectively a compromise between the low-end FLIR ONE and the more expensive FLIR ONE Pro, delivers exceptionally good value at its price.  At around $300 this model effectively brings a professional standard of functionality within the means of handypersons, hobbyists and everyday home users as opposed to experts in construction, aviation and transport – amongst others.

Positive comments are generally consistent whether we are discussing design or performance.  The consensus appears to be that this is a pleasantly rugged and portable piece of equipment which handles well in all situations.  Its versatility is also much spoken of, indeed beyond what would appear to be a relatively modest battery life it is difficult to find much consistency amongst the few who proffer negative criticism.

One feature which seems to enjoy recurring popularity is the new updated app which allows the user to access real time thermal tips, which in turn facilitate easy problem identification and solving. Also clearly appreciated are the durability of the device and the useful components which come included with the package.


The FLIR ONE Pro LT is a handy and hardy piece of equipment which delivers professional functionality at a price which brings it within the range of most ordinary home-based enthusiasts and DIY persons.  Coupled with a design which enables it to be used, and transported, with confidence around any construction site or environment, these thermal imaging cameras will inevitably be popular around any operation involving building or assessing the integrity of existing properties.

In spite of its competitiveness on the price front there is little about the range of functions that are available with this tool which differs from those incorporated into far more expensive models, beyond of course precision.  Effectively everything the regular user might require from an imaging camera is contained herein and herewith.

Specifically, one stand-out feature of this as well as other latest models is the way in which all the most up-to-date technology is incorporated into its operation.  As well as the powerful resolution of FLIR VividIR processing and the incorporation of FLIR MSX capability, the ease with which the device is able to link up with standard iPads and iPhones to make data available through these vehicles wholly defies the price economy of the product.

One common theme amongst the many constructive reviews is that this is the must-have product for all those who desire good quality thermal imaging at an affordable price.  In this it clearly would appear to have the edge on all the competition in the field.