A good quality and affordable compact camera which is ideal for anyone that wants to record HD video in their home. Costing consumers around $160 and coming with many great features why not take a second look at the TT522PW-Pro? The sensory unit can easy be placed outdoors and is great for anyone looking to add an extra level of security to their home. The lie video feed can be checked wherever you are, which is great for people who live in a bad neighborhood. We don’t think they could’ve made this camera any more compact at 1.5inxh in length and 0.74 inches in width it would be difficult for anyone to spot this camera unless it was right in front of them!


Titathink has clearly tried to add features that each and every customer will use and enjoy. Although this camera is missing a microphone it’s still a great way to check on your home when you’re not around and could even be hidden in different places around your home because of its minuscule size.

  • High-quality 720p video footage with a wide viewing angle.
  • Multiple storage options, you can use the in-built Micro SD slot to store up to 128gb or an NVR/NAS device. You also have the option to record straight to your PC.
  • Multiple motion detection modes, you can customize this device to suit your needs. If you want there is a mode that will send you an E-Mail snapshot or and alert to your phone when the motion detector is set off!
  • IP67 waterproof (no more than a meter deep) which makes this compact camera perfect for anyone looking for a fish tank camera or one for outside of the house
  • Although there is no inbuilt microphone you are able to connect your own should you want audio to accompany your footage.


  • Because this camera is fully waterproof up to a meter deep it’s ideal for anyone looking to add a camera to the outside of their home, many people like to put cameras in their fish tank again this is a great option
  • Size, the sensory unit is unbelievably small and would be hard to spot unless it was in front of your eyes. Many people use these cameras to check on Babysitters and other workers in their home.
  • The picture quality on this camera is very impressive, especially when you consider just how compact it is. A great option for anyone looking at a spy cam or a good camera for outside of their home
  • There is a free app available for apple and android devices which let you watch a live stream from the camera, if you’re worried about someone being in your home, want to check on your fish or anything else then this is the Spy cam for you!


  • The picture quality could be better, although it’s still good enough for most uses.
  • Because this device is so small it would be easy to lose and/or break!

Customer Reviews

So with all of the different hidden cameras that are currently available on the market, the question at hand is which is the right one for you? We have decided to go over a few customer reviews and pick out what they did and didn’t enjoy the product. This should give you a better view on what customers thought about this Camera. With an average rating of 3.6 stars on amazon, many customers have clearly enjoyed their experience.

“The TT522PW-B is a good buy and works very well for its size. The Camera itself is wired to the transmitting unit which is needed to be plugged in. Also boasting a very wide angle of view at 108 degrees, and being waterproof up to one meter! I recommend this IP wireless HD camera, it’s discreet, easy to set-up and is worth every penny of the price tag, there’s only one thing that it’s missing and that is night vision.”

This reviewer was clearly impressed by the quality of the picture along with some of the other capabilities of the Camera. Below we will go over a not so good review so you get both sides of the story…

“When I installed a second camera to my network it started freezing my iPad. After re-installing the app several times I came to the conclusion that wouldn’t do the trick. I am now considering a different system!”

Well, this customer clearly wasn’t impressed by this product, although there are no one-star reviews for this product on Amazon which has to be seen as a positive (there are a few 2-star reviews).


With many different hidden cameras already being available and prices changing every day, it can be a difficult task choosing which one is right for your household. However, the TT522PW-B Pro has some impressive capabilities and features that have been specifically chosen to benefit the user. Although there are much cheaper options available if you’re looking for a good quality, waterproof HD Spy cam that will effectively monitor an area of your choice then this could be the perfect choice for you! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out some of our other hidden camera reviews…