When looking for a well built, HD spy cam the TT522w-S-Pro should be one of the first options that spring to mind. Fitted with some impressive features and capabilities the Titathink team have definitely tried to create a camera their customers can use with ease and have a pleasant experience. Setting up and using this product couldn’t be easier, even your grandparents could work it out! Everything you need comes in the box which could save you on any extra costs, this includes the sensor cable, main unit, the Camera itself and a few accessories. Coming in at $150 this is in the middle of the price range when it comes to hidden cameras. This is the Pro version of this camera which is a massive upgrade on the older model; they’ve added new features capabilities and much more!


  • IP67 fully waterproof
  • Wide Angle View
  • 720p HD quality video
  • Built in Micro SD card that can hold up to 128gb
  • Built in Audio line interface (means you can plug in your own microphone)
  • Works over Wi-Fi and Ethernet

The Titathank team have done a good job of adding features that the user will appreciate while using their product. Although there are some features missing when compared to other models such as the motion detector if you’re paying $150 you want the best of the best! Below we will go over some of the positives and negatives surrounding this camera…


  • Because of the size of this Camera, it would be the ideal secret camera to plant into your home/business without anyone noticing. If you’re looking to add a bit of extra security to your business/home without forking out for a full CCTV system then this could do the trick!
  • High quality 720p HD video, especially when you consider the size of this camera. Wide view also makes this one of the best options when it comes to picture quality!
  • There is a Built-in Micro SD card which can store up 128gb of the video. This way you don’t have to purchase your own storage cards which could save you a bit of money!
  • Simple and easy to set up and use. Anyone no matter their technological knowledge with the help of the in detail manual/guide should be able to set-up this Camera.
  • Another great feature is the fact that this Camera is waterproof which means it can effectively be used both inside and out!
  • Can live stream video footage straight to your smartphone.


  • Only one option when it comes to storing your video and that’s the pre-installed 128gb SD card. Most other models let you record straight to your PC so this is a bit of a downfall in our opinion.
  • Cost, at $150 this Hidden camera may simply be out of many peoples budget!
  • No built-in microphone, if you want audio to accompany your video then you’ll have to purchase a separate microphone. Not only is this an extra cost but could hinder this Cameras ability to stay hidden.

Customers Reviews

So with hundreds of these Spy cams to choose from, it can be near impossible to pick which one is right for you. One of the best ways to work this out is by finding out what other people did and didn’t like about the product. This can give you a great idea of what to expect when you receive the product and may answer some of the questions you had surrounding it. With a rating of 5 stars on Amazon, nobody has written a negative review on this camera yet, which can only be seen as a positive. Below we would normally show you some of the main points from some positive and negative reviews; although we couldn’t find any negative reviews. So, in this case, we’ll just have to go over some positives…

“This hidden camera is very good, with a clear image, and ok video even in the night with no night vision. Although the instruction booklet was not great for me as my computer knowledge isn’t the best I was still able to set up this system with a quick phone call. The representative was clear and easy to understand and said If I have any more problems to give them a call! Great technical support, I would highly recommend this Camera!”

This customer was clearly very impressed by the technical support of Titathink, and we have to agree. If you have any issues with your product, how to install it or anything else their team will be waiting and ready to help. They’re friendly knowledgeable and will take you step by step through any issues!

“Got this Camera on a good deal, we already had one but wanted additional cameras for the different rooms. They work well with the ‘Any scene’ app and are surprisingly good quality for the price. My Husband is often deployed so this is a great way for him to check how our sons doing at night.”

Another happy user who uses this camera to show her husband (on the other side of the world) how their son is doing. They are clearly impressed by the picture quality on this product and how well the app works. They left this product a 5-star rating which proves just how impressed they were.


Another great option for a high-quality HD hidden camera. This sensor is extremely small and virtually impossible to spot unless it’s on your face (even then you may not notice). Each feature has been thought through and added in to benefit the user, and costing $150 this is a steal for anyone who’s looking for a cheap CCTV system for inside or outside of their property! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out some of our other Spy cam reviews.