The Titathink TT531 WN–Pro is a cleverly designed IP camera. Created to looks as an everyday Chrono clock, its internals possesses everything needed for an IP camera to function. This design gives the TT531 WN an extra layer of protection by not attracting any unneeded attention. Because of this, it’s able to capture the details of life that may be hidden when an obvious camera is in use. Using your WiFi, you can easily view live footage on your phone from the TT531WN.


  • The TT531 WN feature a night vision camera for use at night. This is done with the use of 2 IR led’s which uses invisible inferred light to see the room.
  • Offers high-quality camera, displaying video in a HD 1280 x 720P that can be viewed on your phone or tablet.
  • Works using WiFi to send live footage to your mobile devices.
  • Using a built in micro SD memory card, the TT531 WN can record and save footage to be viewed at a later time with audio. The data can also be saved to your phone using Wifi to limit how much memory is used in everyday use. This feature can also be set to trigger only when motion is detected.
  • Motion detection is a fully supported feature, with levels of sensitivity that can be adjusted for personal preferences. Once triggered, the TT531 WN can send alerts to your connected devices or snapshots.
  • TT531 WN also features complex audio systems, allowing for a crisp and clear audio recording within a 64 square meter distance. This audio system also allows you to speak outwards from the TT531 WN itself, perfect for helping babies settle down when upset.
  • Despite all these advanced features, the TT531 WN is not a complex device to set up and use. It's quick to set up with the use of a modern smartphone using a free companion app.
  • TT531 WN uses 2 different methods of power. Batteries can be used to power the TT531 WN for 3.5 hours on average or the device can be plugged into a power supply to work 24/7.


  • Lightweight and small
  • Motion sensors are integrated
  • Night vision
  • 2-way audio system
  • Simple to use and set up


  • Poor quality in low light when night vision is not triggered
  • Low frame rate recordings
  • Small battery life when batteries are used to power the device

Customer Testimonials

There is a huge amount of customer created reviews giving positive feedback about the TT531 WN such as “Great hidden camera that gives any hints that it is recording. I bought this to find out who is messing with my stuff at work. It has good quality video and sounds with a reasonable view area. Its 32 GB memory card has always been enough to capture anything I needed to watch. The customer service is excellent and the seller was always willing to answer any questions that I had. I highly recommend this camera.”


Looking over all the features and reviews, we believe that the TT531 WN is a great option for 2 different scenarios. Those looking for heavy usage in a household, ideally with a baby and a babysitter, will love its ability to record based on its triggered motion sensors that can be adjusted so that it won’t be triggered by a moving infant. Using night vision, it will allow for great usage when used at night, allowing you to see your baby is safe while you are out at night.

As for those looking for short bursts of usage, its limited battery life will not be an issue for use in a workplace for example while its discreet and elegant design will not attract too much attention and will blend in well with the environment. Either way, its ability to use a large capacity micro SD card or the ability to send videos to your phones will give you the option of how to store the videos to be seen at a later date for those who are busy through most of the day.