Trivision NC-335PW is an ideal security camera for use outdoors, especially in wet weather where its high-quality rustproof metal casting can be used to its fullest potential supporting an IP66 rating in its waterproof construction. Using an infrared night vision capabilities, built-in DVR and its motion sensor, this all in one camera can send you email alerts as well as other data straight to any connected device with the use of a wireless network. Its 1080p HD resolution capture can be streamed to any paired iPhone, iPad and android device using a free app to connect to the camera. Its wide viewing angle supports panning of 90 degrees horizontally and 50 degrees vertically. Its infrared night vision on its 3-megapixel lens using a 4.0mm focus length can provide vision in the dark for up to 45 feet, capable of automatically switching them on once the ambient light drops to a certain level.


A high-quality camera that can record and stream video in HD 1080p video quality if any device connects to it via the app or through a computer system with the software installed from a CD.

Quick and easy to set up, the device can be personally installed and run in minutes or installed by professionals.

Wide viewing angle, allowing for panning of 90 degrees horizontally and 50 degrees vertically to survey a large scene.

Clear day footage thanks to its advanced IR cut filter and infrared night vision for night capable of vision up to 45 feet.

Built in micro SD card storage to a max capacity of 128 GB. The camera system has multiple methods of beginning capture. It can capture from the moment it is turned on to only capturing video when motion is detected allowing you to maximize storage potential. The footage can also be stored on a NAS or NVR drives.

Email notification when motion is detected and push notifications to mobile devices when significant motion is detected. The footage can then be streamed and viewed live as it is recorded to memory.

Using a high quality, rust proof casing, the camera system can endure long periods of wet weather without any visible sign of damage or aging.

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  • High-quality camera
  • Multiple storage options
  • Various levels of alerts depending on amount of motion detected
  • Long lasting casing for outdoor usage
  • Streaming video to mobile devices using the free app
  • The free app can support multiple cameras


  • Not the strongest night vision on the market despite the fact not all cameras feature night vision
  • Good view range that beast some cameras but some cameras feature an almost 360 horizontal view range
  • Limited to a maximum 128 GB SD storage card
  • High-end price in the security camera market
  • Not a discreet looking system

Customer Testimonials

The Trivision NC-335PW has many positive views from happy customers that have used it. For example, “Around a year and a bit ago, I was having some vandalism problems like damage to my car and people egging my house. I got video cameras from Walmart and it did ok but was not great for my needs, it recorded everything from when I turned it on or recorded nothing when I tried to use its motion sensors. I now use that in my spare room when my grandkids visit to make sure they are sleeping and not playing around. So, I got the Trivison camera and its great. I originally got it for its wireless features but I was surprised by how easy it was to set up, I had no problems with it. I work 10 miles from my house and I could use the app to see everything clearly even though I was so far away, even when using its night vision. I would happily recommend this to anyone looking for a great camera.


With large price tags, we expect high performance when we test the equipment and read reviews. The Division NV-335 PW does not fall short of our expectations. If you are looking for a camera that is not designed to be a secret discreet camera, then this camera has a lot to offer with its features and capabilities. The highlight to us was its alerts. Many cameras offer email alerts when motioned is detected but this system stands out by sending you to push notifications when a large amount of motion is detected. So, instead of a stray car or passing care that would trigger a motion related email that may cause you to panic, you can rest easy knowing it was only something small or brief that was detected. Something that many more cameras should begin to implement when they support motion related emails.