The VENTECH VT-58HR PTZ is one of the most effective and high performing security camera possible on the market. It's high slandered camera is capable of capturing high-quality pictures during the day and clear black and white pictures at night. Its built-in function will switch the cameras video method from standard to high powered inferred light once the ambient light from the environment reaches a certain point, capable of providing a vision for up to 120 ft or 40 meters. Best suited for indoor usage. Using the VENTECH CCTV will let you know what is going on anywhere, anytime, providing you with peace of mind in areas you want to ensure is safe for you and your family. Its long life, reliable usage and high value, you know you are getting the best for your money when you get a VENTECH CCTV.


One of the main features that VENTECH CCTV can offer that others can’t compete with is its zoom. Capable of zooming into a 10x magnification, you are able to see any and every detail clearly regardless of distance like people’s faces or a car’s license plate.

  • VENTECH CCTV offers a wide view range capabilities, able to pan around 360 degrees with a 0 to -85-degree angle.
  • It possesses excellent control speed with the ability to auto flip for quick 180 degree turns.
  • The camera system uses no flashlight effect so no one knows when the camera is operating and recording.
  • Night vision capable of clearly showing up to 100 – 120 feet depending on weather conditions (30 – 40 meters)

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  • 10x zoom feature
  • Inferred use means great night vision video capture
  • Great camera control and view range


  • Not a discreet installation
  • Requires DVR to stream to phones
  • Needs sturdy wall or surface to be installed

Customer Testimonials

The VENTECH CCTV has many reviews from customers that have positive opinions about this product like “This is a great camera for the price I paid. Its daytime shots are fantastic. I expected a camera in this price range would have some limitations and this cameras limitation are very small and isolated. Compared to my NightOwl, this camera’s daytime capture is perfect, it’s more vivid and its zoom in incredible. The camera movement is not the quickest but is the smoothest, it does not shake as you rotate or make any noise when moving. Its night vision is a great feature, it’s brighter than any other old camera that also uses night vision but it’s also more sensitive to light at night. All in all, it’s a great camera and I will be buying more. I would not hesitate in recommending this camera to anyone that need this type or camera.


The VENTECH CCTV Mini Dome PTZ Security Camera for anyone that is not after a discreet security camera. If you want people to know you have a security camera for the purpose of recording security footage without being overly large or dramatic, this is a suitable option for you if you can afford it. It is somewhat pricey, but after looking over all the reviews and the features it can offer, it’s an understandable price. Not many other cameras can offer the same coverage and zoom for this price, with its night vision, you know you can put your trust into this camera. Its oration capabilities and silent moving are also ideal for those looking for a camera system that will cover large radiuses with its view without causing too much notice or jarring video visuals as to not attract attention or to not disturb others.